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Selling the best price Pull Meter  from suppliers & distributors

Selling the best price Pull Meter from suppliers & distributors

The pull meter is one type of meter called how to operate this meter, namely by placing the end of the meter gauge at one end of the object to be measured, after which the meter is pulled to the limit of the object's size. The ascending meter is generally made of hard plastic and the measuring part is made of thin iron which is shaped in such a way. Tensile meters are widely used in small construction processes, but not infrequently they are also used in large constructions that require a tool to measure the size of the material. If you are looking for distributors, agents, and suppliers who sell the best and most trusted tensile meters, you can find them only at Indonetwork!


Pull Meter
28 / Dec / 2022
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KDS Tools Measuring TapeKF16-35 Digunakan untuk semua pengukuran dimensi. Meteran saku ini sangat praktis untuk dibawa kemana-mana, ukuran casingnya nyaman digenggam. Warnanya cerah, sehingga mudah ditemukan akan tetapi Tanpa belt-clip dan stopper.Ukuran : 3.5m/12ftX16mm#KDS#KDS Tools#Measuring Tape...
4 Year
Kota Bekasi - Jawa Barat - Indonesia
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