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Instrument and Valve
13 / Sep / 2023
Rp. 50.000
Min Order: 1 Pcs
Valves : Shutoff Valves, Control Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves, Butterfly Valves, Safety Valves, Three Way Valves, Floating Valves, Forged Steel. ACCESSORIES: Filter, Steam Trap, Pressure Gauge, Air Filter Regulator, Pressure Regulator, Manifold, Sigh Glass, Flow Meter...
CV. Sibayak Tehnik
1 Year
Kota Depok - Jawa Barat - Indonesia
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Instrument and Valve
29 / May / 2023
Min Order: 1 Pcs
Caractheristhics:1. Pressure-flow characteristicsThe pressure flow characteristic curve can be used by system designers to consider load matching and the specification of servo valves for shortcomings. General servo valve samples show dimensionless pressure flow characteristic curves2. No-load flow ...
CV. Multi Sarana Industrindo
15 Year
Kabupaten Semarang - Jawa Tengah - Indonesia
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Instrument and Valve
28 / Aug / 2023
Rp. 1.000.000
Min Order: 1 Pcs
Isomag Electromagnetic Flow Meter SpecificationsFind a wide variety of the most comprehensive selection of Electromagnetic Flow Meters.For further information, please contact the Marketing Division : Phone : +62 31 868o6o1 or WA : o8185o6174 Email : marketing@ visit us at www.coro...
Kabupaten Sidoarjo - Jawa Timur - Indonesia
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