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Selling the best price Double Nipple from suppliers & distributors

Selling the best price Double Nipple from suppliers & distributors

Double nipple is a type of fitting which is often used as a connection to various components in a piping system. Nipple pipe fittings are connection equipment in a piping system made of long and straight forged iron, where this nipple pipe fitting has a size of about 3 inches and can weigh up to 10 Kg. The pressure on the pipe nipple fitting will vary based on the size, type, temperature, and construction of the pipe. If you are looking for distributors, agents, and suppliers who sell and offer Double Nipple with the best quality and of course also with reliable quality, you can find it only at Indonetwork!


Double Nipple
23 / Jan / 2024
Min Order: 1 Unit
Bacxell Nipples.Part No.Pipe SizeDimensionsP-PT, NPT(Inch)A(mm)E(mm)F(mm)BAX-HN-021/830 4.8 7/16 BAX-HN-041/438 7.1 9/16 BAX-HN-063/840 9.611/16 BAX-HN-081/250 11.9 7/8 BAX-HN-123/450 15.7 1-1/16 BAX-HN-16160 22.3 1-3/8 Double Nipple
18 Year
Kota Bogor - Jawa Barat - Indonesia
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Double Nipple
31 / May / 2023
Rp. 14.250
Min Order: 1 Biji
DOUBLE NIPPLEDouble Nipple is a pipe connection with the characteristics of having external threads on its sides. The function of the double nipple is as an extension connection between pipes. The double nipple used is 1” in diameter for each side with galvanized material.As a connector / pipe...
PT. Anugerah Bintang Jayamakmur
Kota Surabaya - Jawa Timur - Indonesia
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