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Specification of WALLACE Rapid Plastimeter MKV-P14

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Purpose The Wallace Rapid Plastimeter measures the plasticity or viscosity of unvulcanised rubbers. The test is simple, clean and quick. The instrument is used in conjunction with the Wallace -MRPRA Ageing Chamber ( Cat. Ref. O14) to determine the Plasticity Retention Index ( PRI) of raw natural rubbers. The variable temperature model ( P14/ VT) characterises the flow behaviour of synthetic rubber compounds as, unlike the other models, its platen temperatures can be varied between 60° C and 180° C. For some applications the P14/ VT offers a quick, low cost alternative to a Mooney Viscosity test. The instrument is supplied in four versions and each version comes complete with specimen cutter. The instrument is shipped with 10mm dia top platen installed and alternative top platens of 7.3 and 14mm diameter are supplied as accessories. The platens are easily interchangeable. Principle A modified parallel plate compression principle is used with automatically timed " conditioning" and " load" periods. A sample is compressed between two circular platens which are maintained at a temperature of 100° C. The sample is conditioned for 15 seconds at a thickness of 1mm. A compressive force of 100N is then applied for 15 secs. The final thickness of the test piece expressed in units of 0.01mm, is the plasticity number. Test Procedure The sample is prepared using the specimen cutter provided and it is then enclosed between two pieces of tissue paper, as defined by international standards, before being placed between the platens. The tissue paper prevents the material sticking to the platens or sliding between them. The automatic test sequence is started when the operating handle is rotated. The reduction in thickness of the sample is displayed digitally, which freezes, to show the plasticity number at the end of 15 sees. Features The P14 Rapid Plastimeter offers greatly enhanced operator access and is available in four different versions. A major feature on all versions is powered zero calibration eliminating the need for tedious manual setting. Aluminium castings are used throughout the design for rigidity and stability. All versions comply with National and International standards. Rapid Plastimeter - Basic model, P14/ 1 * Fully automatic operation * Built in diagnostics * LED platen Temperature Indicator Rapid Plastimeter - Printer Model, P14/ 2 * Compact printer with high speed print capability * Single/ Median mode of operation * 24 Character column print output * Date and time recorder * Traceability of aborted tests * Alternative language settings * Additional diagnostic features * Platen Temperature print out Rapid Plastimeter - Data Terminal and Printer Model, P14/ 3 * Data input terminal and display * Compact printer with high speed print capability * 24 Character column print printer * Date and time recorder * Continuous Platen temperature display * Variable load durations * Sample and operator identification with automatically increasing suffix * Traceability of aborted tests * Alternative language settings * Calibration and service reminder * PRI evaluation Rapid Plastimeter - P14/ VT Same specification as the P14/ 3, plus: * Variable platen temperature 60° C - 180° C General The Plastimeter can be supplied to operate on any normal single phase AC electricity supply. Three sizes of upper platen anvils are supplied: 7.3 mm, 10 mm and 14 mm diameter. These permit the instrument to operate satisfactorily over a wide plasticity range. The lower platen is suitable for all sizes. Changing the upper platen is a simple operation taking only a few minutes. Specifications Plastimeter dimensions : 306mm ( w) x 353mm ( d) x 306mm ( w) Specimen cutter dimensions : 380mm ( d) x 80mm ( w) Weight of Plastimeter : 34kg Platen sizes : 10mm, 7.3 and 14mm Diameter Standards : BS 903: Pt A59 : section A59.1 : 1997 ISO 2007: 1991 Platen temperature P14/ 1, 2, 3 : 100° C Platen temperature P14/ VT : 60° C - 180° C Test time : 15 secs preload, 15 secs compression Compressive force : 100N Plasticity Retention Index ( PRI) PRI is a measure of the resistance of raw natural rubber to oxidation. The oxidation effect is assessed by measuring the plasticity before ageing ( P0) and after ageing for 30mins in the Wallace - MRPRA ageing oven at 140° C ( P30) Plasticity Retention Index ( PRI)
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Fast purge and the ability to perform fuel selection during start up enable tests to be performed quickly without requiring extra set-up time after initial start up. TPI analyzers also use the last selected fuel as the default setting. This feature prevents the need to perform fuel selection every time the analyzer is turned on The carbon monoxide sensor used in TPI combustion efficiency analyzers feature an on-board filter capable of filtering NO ( nitric oxide) , NO2 ( nitrogen dioxide) and NOX ( combination of NO and NO2) to prevent cross sensitivity errors. Use TPI analyzers to test flue gases in gas and oil fired equipment including high efficiency furnaces and condensing boilers. Measure CO, O2, and stack temperature. Determine combustion efficiency, CO2, and CO air free. Some models include built-in differential manometer, combustible gas detection, PC communication, data logging, and can measure NO / NOX. 708: Combustion Efficiency Analyzer • Measure CO, and temperature • Calculate CO2, efficiency, excess air, and CO air free 709: Combustion Efficiency Analyzer and Differential Manometer • All the features of the 708 PLUS high resolution 0.001 in H20 differential manometer for high efficiency and oil equipment • Measure CO, and temperature • Calculate CO2, efficiency, excess air, and CO air free 709R: Combustion Efficiency Analyzer w/ Differential Manometer • All the features of the 709 PLUS rechargeable batteries • Measure CO, and temperature • Calculate CO2, efficiency, excess air, and CO air free 712: Deluxe combustion efficiency analyzer with optional PC interface • All the features of the 709R PLUS checks combustibles in flue, optional PC interface 714: Combustionefficiency analyzer with NOX and optional PC capoirlity • Measure 02, CO, and NOX 715: High CO ( above 10, 000ppm carbon monoxide) combustion analyzer with built-in differential themometer, differential manometer, and NO measurement & NOX calculation Use the optional A784 flow regulator to reduce the flow rate of the gas being sampled to measurable levels on high pressure systems such as gas compression engines. The A784 is included in the 715K3 kit. Combustion Analyzers and Emissions Gas Analyzers A complete portfolio of gas analyzers to monitor the combustion efficiency of HVAC boilers and the emissions from large industrial boilers and furnaces; the measurements include O2, CO2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, CxHy, H2S, Temperature, Draft, Velocity, and Efficiency among other parameters. Test & Measurement A comprehensive line of discreet instruments to meet the instrumentation requirement of many instruments specialists and contractors in a vast number of industries including, pharmaceutical, food, power, HVAC, light & industrial manufacturing, OEM etc. Indoor Air Quality ( IAQ) Instrumentation for the monitoring and improvement of indoor air quality include portable and permanently mounted transmitters designed to measure one or more of the following parameters: CO2, CO, Humidity, Temperature, Air Velocity, Air Flow, and differential pressure ( manometers) among others. Air balancing equipment is also provided. Calibrators Temperature, Pressure, Signal, and Blackbody Calibrators ( Secondary Standard Calibrators and Transfer Standards) Digital Storage Oscilloscope Digital Storage Oscilloscope 1000 Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope 1000A Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope 2000 Series Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope Analog Oscilloscope-1 Analog Oscilloscope-2 Analog Oscilloscope-3 Spectrum Analyzer DDS Function Generator Function Generator Signal Function Generator PPE PPT PPS PST PSS PSM Series GPR-U Series GPR-H Series GPR-M Series GPS < 100 Series GPS < 200 Series GPC Series Programmable Switching DC Programmable Switching Switching DC AC Power Source DC Power Supply Digital Multimeter Digital AC Power Meter Handheld Meter LCR Meter Other Meter Components Testing Instrument Safety Test Instrument Other Instrument Handheld Digital Multimeter Select Guide AC DR IR AC DC IR Electric Safety Logic Analyzer Programmable AC/ DC Power Source Programmable D.C. Electronic Load Produk / Jasa Utama Menjual : JENCO, JEKEN ULTRASONIC CLEANER, MITECH INSTRUMENT, HACH, MEMMERT, KYORITSU, PYREX-IWAKI, PYREX USA, BRAND, WHATMAN, Aquadiagnostic, CARBOLITE, JENWAY, LOVIBON, SPECTRONIC, DAVIS WEATHER STATION, METONE, SHINAGAWA( DRY/ WET GAS METER = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Disributor for Laboratory equipment, reagent, glassware, Test & Measuring Instrument. Supplier and stockist for Laboratory Instrument and Equipment. pH/ CONDUCTIVITY/ DO/ TEMPERATURE/ TDS/ mV/ ISE BRAND : JENCO MANUFACTURE : JENCO INSTRUMENT MADE IN : USA ULTRASONIC CLEANER JEKEN ULTRASONIC CLEANER MADE IN CHINA Portable Hardness Testers , Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges , Coating Thickness Gauge Instruction , Stell Bar Position Mensuration Apparatus , Ultrasonic Flowmeter , Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Desktop Hardness Tester , Ultrasonic Flaw Inspection System , X-Ray Portable Hardness Testers , Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges , Coating Thickness Gauge Instruction , Stell Bar Position Mensuration Apparatus , Ultrasonic Flowmeter , Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Desktop Hardness Tester , Ultrasonic Flaw Inspection System , X-Ray NDT Equipment Haz-Dust Environmental Particulate Air Monitor Aide udara AA-3500 Udara-Scan AS-2000 Debu-Sol DS-2.5 Debu Haz-AQ-10 Haz-Debu DPM-4000 Haz-Debu EPAM-5000 Haz-Debu HD-1100 Haz-Debu IV HD-1004 VDM-7500 Gas Analyzer Gas Analyzer - Infragas-196 PC Module Part Number: 000-001030 ( 4 gas) Part Number: 000-001097 ( 5 gas) Measure range and resolution: CO = 0 - 9, 99 Vol. % - 0, 01 CO2 = 0 - 19, 9 Vol. % - 0, 01 HC = 0 - 9.999 ppm - 10 ppm O2 = 0 - 21, 4 Vol.% - 0, 01 CO Corr. = 0 - 9, 99 Vol. % - 0, 01 NOx = 0 - 5.000 ppm - 1 ppm ( Optional) Lambda = 0, 5 - 1, 5 - 0, 01 HACH REAGENT and INSTRUMENT INFORMATION GUIDES Industry Guides » Aerospace » Brewing* » Bottled Water » Chemical » Drinking Water » Electronics » Engineering Firms » Food » Life Sciences » Wastewater* » Offshore » Power Generation* » Pulp & Paper » Soft Drink Application Guides » Aeration Control* » Chlorine Chemistries » Disinfection* » Dissolved Air Flotation* » Ground Water Rule » Hardness » Nitrogen Removal » Organics Monitoring* » Phosphorus Removal » Source Water Monitoring Product Guides » BOD » COD » Electrochemistry » ez COD™ Recycling* » Handheld Particle Counters » Information Management* » Lab Supplies » m-ColiBlue24® » On-line TOC » pH Buffers » Samplers » Spectrophotometers » Standards » Test Kits » TNTplus™ Chemistries » Turbidity » Xenosep BRAND GMBH + CO KG Liquid Handling Bottle-top dispensers Bottle-top burette Microliter pipettes Positive displacement pipettes Stepper/ Repetitive pipette Pipette tips/ PD-tips Pipette controllers Calibration software Life Science Products Volumetric instruments Density/ Temperature measurement Clinical Laboratory General Lab Products Dispensing Equipment / OEM - Products Test Products International Combustion Efficiency Analyzers Combustion Efficiency Analyzer, Combustion Efficiency Analyzer and Differential Manometer , Combustion Efficiency Analyzer w/ Differential Manometer , Deluxe combustion efficiency analyzer with optional PC interface, Combustionefficiency analyzer with NOX and optional PC capoirlity , High CO ( above 10, 000ppm carbon monoxide) combustion analyzer with built-in differential themometer, differential manometer, and NO measurement & NOX calculation, WEATHER STATION DAVIS WEATHER STATION RM YOUNG WEATHER STATION
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