Under Vehicle Mirror Merk Brossard Original USA

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Specification of Under Vehicle Mirror Merk Brossard Original USA

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Brossard vehicle inspection mirrors are excellent for security inspection when needed to look under or around Vehicles, Machines, Equipment, and hard-to-see areas. Available styles range from from lightweight hand-held to complete with caster wheels and light. Available with Round Convex mirror or Flat mirror Equipped with adjustable swivel Has a heavy duty extruded rubber rim to help prevent damaging objects when maneuvering Available with no wheels, plain wheels, or tripod ballbearing caster wheels, allowing full range of motion with effortless maneuvering. Light weight handle Low 3-1/2 ground clearance Available with flashlight, batteries, and mounting bracket (optional) For indoor or outdoor use Length adjustment from 33" to 42" Weight 7, 8, or 9 lbs Specify your choice of 6 models: P-120IM - no wheels, round convex mirror, 7 lb P-120FIM - no wheels, flat mirror, 7 lb P-120IMW - wheels, round convex mirror, 8 lb P-120FIMW - wheels, flat mirror, 8 lb P-120IMLW - caster wheels, round convex mirror, 9 lb P-120FIMLW - caster wheels, flat mirror, 9 lb About Lester L. Brossard Co. Brossard makes quality safety and security mirrors for industrial, residential, and public spaces. Locations and Applications include: Manufacturing plants, Warehouses, Supermarkets, Retail stores, Drug stores, Restaurants, Office buildings, Prisons, Detention and Corrections Faciltiies, Churches,Museums, Hospitals, Schools, Banks and Financial institutions, Parking garages, Government facilities, Apartment buildings, Blind corners, Buildings, offices, garage, elevator doors, Lobbies and reception rooms, Warehouse bays and stockrooms, Shopping areas, Cash register counters, Manufacturing and assembly areas, Office areas, Stairwells, Shipping and loading docks, Parking lot entrances, exits, parking garage ramps, Blind intersections of aisles, corridors, hallways, and driveways.
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