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Specification of Tsubaki Conveyor Chain For General Industri PT Sarana Teknik

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Large Size Conveyor Chains Large size conveyor chain that can convey products of any shape. Features include: the range of lengths, the direction of transport, and the variety of environments in which it can function. It is highly durable and maintains highly efficient and accurate operation without slipping. General Use/Heavy Duty Conveyor Chain Large size conveyor chain for carrying objects of various shapes. Accommodates a wide range of conveyor lengths, conveying methods, operating environments, etc. These highly durable, highly efficient chains allow for smooth, accurate, slip-free conveyance. Lineup Large Size Conveyor Chain for Heavy Loads Uses a unique Tsubaki structure with cylindrical bearings in the rollers for less running resistance (~1/3 that of general use conveyor chain), a much higher roller allowable load, and improved bush - roller wear life. Lineup Corrosion Resistant Conveyor Chain Stainless steel conveyor chain that can be used in corrosive or high temperature environments. Tsubaki also offers a line-up of special corrosion resistant roller chains that offer increased corrosion resistance for certain parts for use in lightly corrosive environments and surface treated chain with increased corrosion resistance. Lineup Special Large Size Conveyor Chain
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PT. SARANA TEKNIK Distributor Tsubaki

TEL 651 9582 FAX 65305868-6400893
EMAIL : saranagroup@ cbn.net.id


.Roller chain .Sprocket . Conveyor Chain . Power lock
.Power cylinder . Backstop .Cam clutches . Gear motor
.Gearbox .Cableveyor .Tabletop chain .Coupling

Kami telah mendidedikasikan diri untuk memecahkan masalah-masalah industri Kami didukung oleh engineer yang sangat ahli serta divisi penjualan kami dan perwakilan layanan pelanggan yang terlatih memberikan bantuan teknis kepada pelanggan kami selalu akan berusaha untuk memberikan, membantu, memberikan berpengetahuan, dan efisien.


Since 1917, Tsubaki has provided the world’ s drive and conveyor chains. Our constant pursuit of improvement and innovation has gained us our spot as a market leader in the chain business. Tsubaki has everything from drive chains for transmission, corrosion resistant chains for extreme conditions, and attachment chains for conveying, to providing solutions to customers with special needs with products such as our Lambda lube free chain or low friction needle bearing chain. We have the chain products to suit any application.
Power Transmission Components

Tsubaki is a global leader in the business of power transmission. We pride ourselves in having the widest selection of power transmission components to cater to the customer’ s needs and demands. Our list of components consist of items such as cam clutches, couplings, keyless locking devices, reducers, gearboxes actuators, overload protection devices and more. Many of our components compliment our chain products and provide the customer with a one-stop solution. We pride ourselves in the knowledge that each of our products is built with reliability, efficiency and quality in mind.

Tsubaki RS Roller Chains,

the world' s most trusted brand in power transmission chains.
Tsubaki RS Roller Chain complies with world standards, such as JIS, ASME and ISO. Typically, roller chains are used as economical means of transmitting mechanical power of large loads at low speeds. However, it is also possible to use this chain in high-speed applications with proper maintenance and lubrication.
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KOMP PERKANTORAN SUNTER PERMAI BLOK B11, JL. SUNTER DANAU UTARA KAV K2email : saranagroup@cbn.net.id - JAKARTA, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia -14350
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