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What is a queue pole? The queue pole is a barrier used in the queue to make it more neat and orderly. Queue poles are commonly used for queues at Banks, Hotels, Cinemas, Counters and so on.

Buckle Queue Pole is a queue pole whose queue tape is stretched with a pull system like a belt/buckle. Where inside the pole there is a roll machine that can roll the queue tape when not in use so it is neat and saves storage space.

Yanmaris Mitra Sarana sells Quality Buckle Queue Poles. Please contact the contact listed on this website for more information.
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PT. Yanmaris Mitra Sarana

Kami Perusahan yang bergerak di bidang Jual Beli, Maintenance dan Instalasi Mesin Laundry & Steam Boiler. Lihat produk kami di: www.yakhinmandiri.indonetwork.co.id Email: dadamuly@ yahoo.com Phone: 081908191011 / 081381842129 / 02199195338 / 02170580558
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