Swing Gate Barrier Import Manual SuperMarket Stainless Sepasang 55cm

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Specification of Swing Gate Barrier Import Manual SuperMarket Stainless Sepasang 55cm

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Swing Gate Manual Stainless Steel 304 a pair and the direction of the opening is only one direction, for example, it is used to enter only or exit only. It can't be two-way, because the function of this product is so that there is order in the queue or when entering or leaving there is order.

The material is stainless steel 304 which is rust-resistant and can be placed outdoors. It's not iron that is coated with shiny chrome paint and after using it for a short time, the paint will peel off and the iron inside looks rusty. The two materials have very different prices. You can imagine for example a water faucet made of stainless steel and a water faucet painted in chrome. Then you will find the prices are very much different.

Wing length is 55 cm. Detailed sizes can be seen in Figure 2.
This item is ready-made and cannot be modified, it can be used for incoming or outgoing directions (choose one).
This product consists of a pair consisting of left and right

Single Smart Retractable Barrier Gate one-way manual supermarket swing barrier gate Supermarket Swing Turnstile Pedestrian
1. 304 stainless steel;
2. Single direction, auto-reposition;
3. Swing angle: 90 degrees;
4. Arm length: 550MM;
5.Dimension:Height 1000MM;
6. Installation: Fixed with expansion screws

Price is product only and does not include installation
Installation is very easy by attaching the dinabolt to the floor.

If the location is out of town, wooden packing is needed and the costs can be discussed with us.
standard packing is with plastic and cardboard
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