Standard Vicat for Cement and Mortar Setting time

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Specification of Standard Vicat for Cement and Mortar Setting time

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Vicat test set ASTM method

Standard : EN 196-3, EN 480-2, ASTM C191, AASHTO T131

The Vicat frame consists essentially of a metal stand with a sliding rod. An adjustable indicator moves over a graduated scale. The needle or plunger is attached to the bottom end of the rod to make up the test weight of 300 g.
The frame 63-L0028/1 is supplied without accessories, which have to be ordered separately depending on the requirement. It is also proposed with basic EN accessories (63-L028) or ASTM/AASHTO accessories (63-L0028/A).

Weight approx.: 4 kg
Ordering Info :

63-L0028/1 Vicat apparatus, frame only

63-L0028 Vicat test set, EN method, including mould, 1.13 mm dia. needle, consistency plunger 10 mm dia., supporting plate, glass thermometer and final needle.

63-L0028/A Vicat test set, ASTM/AASHTO method, including mould, 1 mm dia. needle, consistency plunger 10 mm dia., supporting plate and glass thermometer.

Accessories :

EN method

EN Vicat mould

Initial needle 1.13 mm dia.

Final needle

Additional weight 700 g to EN 480-2


conical penetration probe 8 mm dia. x 50 mm long with 100g calibrated weight for gypsum testing to
EN 13279

ASTM Vicat mould

Initial needle, 1 mm dia.

For both methods

Consistency plunger 10 mm dia.

Supporting plate

Glass thermometer -10 +50°C

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Kategori : Alat uji semen
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