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Specification of SOLAR MARINE LANTERN DWS-305

DWS-305( LED) silicon solar-powered and intelligent aviation / navigation obstruction warning light is a new generation that is environmental-friendly and has super long life expectancy. It is consisted of silicon solar-powered modules, maintenance-free storage batteries and LED light source. The lamp automatically boots at night and shutdowns at day. Lampshade is made by 90mm single compounder Fresnel lens set for aviation especially, which greatly improves the strength of gathering-light and breathing-light. The life of the lamp is up to twenty years which is called " green maintenance-free light source" . It has the function of waterproof, ageing and corrosion resistance which make it fit for the aviation as well as navigation. On the top of the doom, there is also a bird spike to protect it from being dirty which makes the light non-maintenance. Usage This light is suitable for high-rises ( building, school, hospital, and commercial site etc. ) , chimneys, high-poles, bridge, industrial towers, communication towers, exploration location, oil field, navigation buoy, marine navigation and airport lanes which are difficult to maintain in the usual time. That several lights flash simultaneously can be achieved when they are connected together. VISIBLITY 12-15 Km
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CV.Mitra Duta Elektrindo

CV. Mitra Duta Elektrindo adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam PENGADAAN, PEMASANGAN DAN PERAWATAN RAMBU SUAR/ Sarana Bantu Navigasi dan Pelayaran ( SBNP) .
NPWP : 31.563.780.1-606.000
SIUP : 503/ 7375.A/ 436.6.11/ 2012
TDP : 130135132578
API : 133702527-P
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