SKF Microlog analyzer AX series - CMXA 80 vibration analyzer

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Specification of SKF Microlog analyzer AX series - CMXA 80 vibration analyzer

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The SKF Microlog analyzer AX series takes route-based data collection to a new level. With its four-channel performance, flexibility to choose and add application modules and a wide screen providing fast and easy data display, the SKF Microlog AX is big news. The AX series offers: Simultaneous triaxial or four-channel vibration measurement capabilities Fast real-time rate and display updates Certified for use in hazardous areas Vivid 6.4" VGA colour display for easy viewing in any light Multi-language support - 15 language options Advanced vibration monitoring technology - customizable to users' specific applications Users can select from a range of application modules, creating a custom device that suits their individual requirements and allows users to perform advanced tasks such as: Impact tests Digital recording Modal analysis Multi-plane balancing Run up Coast down ...all with the same device. The SKF Microlog AX ships with the full SKF Microlog suite of modules installed. To add additional functionality, units can be upgraded to more advanced models; simply purchase the module and enter the supplied license key. SKF @ ptitude Analyst compatible The SKF Microlog analyzer AX is compatible with SKF @ ptitude Analyst 7.x or later software. SKF @ ptitude Analyst is a component of the SKF @ ptitude Monitoring Suite, a comprehensive software suite that integrates data from a wide range of SKF portable and on-line data acquisition devices. SKF Microlog accessories Many SKF Microlog accessories are available to further enhance your condition monitoring programme. Check out the SKF Microlog Accessories Catalogue to view the various accessories that can complement your SKF Microlog. SKF Microlog Marine Monitoring Kit Ship uptime depends on the availability of onboard machinery. Finding ways to assess the condition of auxiliary machinery without having to disassemble the equipment is perhaps more important than ever. With the SKF Microlog Marine Monitoring Kit ( CMXA MX-SL / CMXA MXP-SL) , you can take a reliable, cost-effective step toward condition-based maintenance - and thereby optimize your ship operations. CONTACT US : PT. VIBRASINDO . Jl.Radin Inten No. 62, Duren Sawit Jakarta 13430 – Indonesia , Telp.021 29563051 - Fax. 021 29563052 No. HP : 0813 9929 1909, 0815 614 1954 Web: Email: sales@
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PT VIBRASINDO - Condition Monitoring & PdM Solution

PT VIBRASINDO memiliki spesialisasi dalam bidang Condition Monitoring & PdM (Predictive Maintenance) pada rotating equipment.

VIBRASINDO didukung engineering dan teknisi rotating bersertifikasi internasional dan berpengalaman dalam menangani problem industri semenjak 1998.

1. Plant Condition Monitoring Services (Contract Base) :
• Equipment Database Development.
• Data Acquisition.
• Trending Development Analysis.
• Assessment of machine condition.
• Faults diagnostic.
• Recommendation for Corrective Action.

2. Machine Heath Diagnostic & Troubleshooting :
• FFT / Vibration Analysis.
• Torsional Vibration Analysis.
• Torque Analysis.
• Critical Speed measurement
• Rotational Vibration Test.
• Orbit Analysis.
3. Natural Frequency Testing / Modal Testing.
4. Structural Testing & Diagnostic.
• Load Testing & Analysis (Static & Dynamic).
• Structural Monitoring.
• Residual Stress Measurement.
5. Commissioning Rotating Equipment (Gas turbine/compressor, hydro turbine, centrifugal pump, electric motor, diesel engine, gas engine, power generator).
6. Insitu Alignment & Balancing
7. Torque Analysis on rotating shaft
8. Load vs Deflection Test
9. Multi-channel Integrated Measurement system for temporary trouble shooting / research
10. Mechanical Power Test
11. PdM Optimization Service: sensor, junction box, & engineering
12. Repair-Upgrade Service: Balancing Machine, Instrument Analyzer (Vibration, etc) & Online Monitoring System
13. Training & Certification

1. Portable Vibration Analyzer
2. Online Monitoring & Machine Protection for Critical Rotating Machines
3. Laser Alignment for Shaft, Spindle, Bore, & Geometrical
4. Portable Oil Analyzer – Tribology
5. Sensor & Transducer: Accelerometer, Impact Hammer (Dynamic), Temperature, Displacement, Speed, Torque, etc (different brands available)
6. Camera Thermal Imager
7. Balancing Machine
8. Simulator Machinery Vibration Diagnostic
9. Sound / Noise Analyzer

Daftar Clients:
• PT Petrochina
• PT Pertamina EP
• PT Sucofindo
• PT Pembangkit Jawa Bali UP Pemeliharaan
• PT Pembangkit Jawa Bali – Muara Karang
• PT Garuda Maintenance Facility (GMF)
• PT Sulzer Turbo Services Indonesia
• Dll.
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PT VIBRASINDO - Condition Monitoring & PdM Solution

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