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Specification of QUIK-TROL GOLD Bentonite

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QUIK-TROL® GOLD Bentonite, highly dispersable, polyanionic cellulosic (PAC) polymer, provides ease of mixing and improved filtration control in most water-based drilling fluids.

1. Disperses and hydrates effectively at low shear
2. Provides filtration control in water-based drilling fluids
3. Promotes borehole stability in water sensitive formations
4. Minimizes rotational torque and circulating pressure
5. Improves hole cleaning and core recovery
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PT. Tohoma Mandiri

We are glad to tell you that PT TOHOMA MANDIRI is distributor chemical and mining equipment, located in Jakarta. We have knowledgeable / experienced staff with varied backgrounds in metallurgy, procurement, manufacturing, sales, supply, warehousing, logis cs, maintenance. PT Tohoma Mandiri has Global Networking and Main Client Mining Company. Our products have been sold to many company in Indonesia, and our company has been awarded high reputa on by the customers. Our areas of activity and product range include: - Mining Chemical - Chemical for Industry - Water Treatment Chemical - Drilling Fluid - Mining, Oil and Gas Equipment Our mission at TOHOMA to be the best chemical supplier as well as distributor of high quality in Indonesian? s market. Our philosophy at TOHOMA is to deliver the highest quality products, provide excellent service to customer, whilst keeping our prices at a compe titive edge. This philosophy and commitment have allowed us to maintain a strong and loyal customer base. We are con nuously searching for new customers jual kimia, jual caustic, jual thiourea, jual bahan kimia, jual asam sulfat, jual chemical
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