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Specification of Pusat Pengecekan & Service Unit Material Handling

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PT.Hasta Karya Ananta Kami menerima layanan pengecekan & Service Unit Alat Berat & Material Handling dengan Merk dan Jenis apapun yang dihandle oleh Team Mekanik kami kami yang sudah handal dalam bidangnya dan service yang kami berikan Ber-Garansi

PT.Hasta Karya Ananta Melayani Pengecekan & Service Unit Forklift Solar , Pengecekan & Service Unit Forklift Battery , Pengecekan & Service Unit Forklift LPG , Pengecekan & Service Unit SCissor Lift , Pengecekan & Service Unit  Tangga Gunting Elektrik , Pengecekan & Service Unit Work Platform , Pengecekan & Service Unit Boom Lift , Pengecekan & Service Unit Wheel Loader , Pengecekan & Service Unit Hand Pallet , Pengecekan & Service Unit  Reach Truck Seat Down / Stand On , Pengecekan & Service Unit  Stacker Semi Elektrik , Pengecekan & Service Unit  Stacker Full Elektrik , Pengecekan & Service Unit  Stacker Manual , Pengecekan & Service Unit  Pallet Mover , Pengecekan & Service Unit Drum Gripper/ Drum Handler / Drum Lifter ,Dll .
Biaya pengecekan & Service di PT.HKA sangat terjangkau ,Untuk mengutamakan kepuasan dan layanan segera hubungi kami :

Kantor Kami : PT HASTA KARYA ANANTA Ruko Cendana No 38 Taman Royal Jl Benteng Betawi Rt 04 Rw 15 Tanah Tinggi, Kota Tangerang, Banten, 15119

Office : (021) 29860544, (021) 29860545
Direct Marketing : (021) 29860546
WhatsApp : 0819 1980 2323 
Fax : 021 29860547

Email : service.hka@gmail.com
Web : Www.Hastakaryaananta.Com
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PT. Hasta Karya Ananta

PT Hasta Karya Ananta (HKA) is an equipment distributor of material handling and construction, with the brand Heli, Mantall, KH, and OilSteel Indonesia, located in Jakarta (Tangerang) and Surabaya.

HKA Service includes: sales, after sales / warranty units, rental / leasing, service, spare parts, trade / tradein, even modifications.

The products we sell are:
Forklift (forklift diesel / solar, battery forklift / electric forklift gasoline / petrol and LPG forklift) Heli
Man lift / electrical ladder (scissor lifts, articulating boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts, aerial work platforms) Mantall
Wheel Loader (ZL16F, ZL18F, ZL20F, ZL30F, ZL35F, ZL36F, ZL50F, HL933) Heli and KH
Skylift (snake, scorpion, octopus, eagle) OilSteel
Reach Truck (reach truck stand up and reach truck seat down) Heli
Hand lift / Stacker (full electric stacker, semi-electric stacker, and a manual stacker with type Narrow, Wide legs, Reach Stacker, and Counter Balance) Heli
Hand Pallet (full electric / Pallet Mover and Manual / Hand Truck) Heli
Towing Tractor (diesel and battery) Heli
Drum Equipment (drum handler, drum porter, and drum gripper)

Especially for trade-ins for products forklift, scissor lift, wheel loaders, skylift, reach truck, stacker, and a new tractor towing us by:
Former forklift brand Toyota, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, TCM
Scissor lifts brands of used Genie, JLG, Dingli
Wheel Loader former Komatsu, Caterpillar, Lonking
Skylift former Palazani, Socage
Reach Truck former BT, Linde, Crown
Former Krisbow Stacker, Jungheinrich
Towing tractor former Toyota, Patria

Quality products, competitive prices and cheap, with a 2 year warranty *. The reason why we dare warranty of 2 years? Because we are confident in the quality of our products, we tested a minimum through the service rental (forklift scissor lift, etc.), where the consequences of a rental (forklift scissor lift etc) which are (1) the terrain / different locations, (2) the operator (forklift scissorlift etc.) are different, and (3) self belonging operators (forklift scissor lift, etc.) are lacking; than if the property itself.

Our office:
Ruko Cendana No. 38 Taman Royal
Jalan Benteng Betawi Rt 04 Rw 15 Tanah Tinggi, Kota Tangerang, Banten, 15 119

Detail information:
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Ruko Cendana No. 38 | Jl. Benteng Betawi, RT. 04 RW. 15, Tanah Tinggi - 15119 - Kabupaten Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia -15119
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