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PP Water Filter High Precision

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Specification of PP Water Filter High Precision

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A water filter is a tool that functions to filter and remove contaminants in water by using a barrier or media, either by physical, chemical or biological processes. This water filter can be widely used for irrigation water flow, drinking water, aquariums and swimming pools

Using polypropylene as raw material, the inner filter element with a certain pore size gradient is formed through heating and melting of the spinneret, which is produced as a whole at one time. The inner sparse and dense outer structure can evenly intercept pollutants of different sizes in the inner and outer layers of the filter element .It is often used for pre-filtration of liquids.

Activated Carbon Cartridge Filters
- Material: Material from Polypropylene, polyester and granular activated carbon
- Function :To remove color, odor, taste contamination, pesticides, chlorine and other organic substances
- Applications :For drinking water treatment, washing machines, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, pre-treatment for reverse osmosis units, etc
- Micron filters: 1-25 microns
- Length : 4-5-7-10-20-30"

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Office: Tower Fontana Lt 16-B1, Jl. Trembesi Blok D-4 Bandar Baru Kemayoran Jakarta Utara, 14410 DKI Jakarta , Indonesia
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PT. Cahaya Bhakti Sentosaraya (Cahaya Filter)

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