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Specification of PODIUM / LACTERN / MIMBAR

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Podium is a tool or place used by someone to deliver a speech, speech or material that has been prepared. We often encounter podiums when we come to an event such as a meeting, seminar or other formal event.

Yanmaris Mitra Sarana sells podiums with various models and quality materials. Sturdy construction with a minimalist design gives an elegant impression to your layout.

Apart from selling podiums, our company also:
- Selling steam boilers (water tube & fire tube).
- providing machine tools related to boilers such as machines and laundry equipment
supports and garments, including spare parts
- providing chemicals to clean water and combustion chambers, and supplying large or small quantities of coal to industry
- provide a new or second washing machine including installation and maintenance.

Please contact us at the contact listed on the website for more information.
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PT. Yanmaris Mitra Sarana

Kami Perusahan yang bergerak di bidang Jual Beli, Maintenance dan Instalasi Mesin Laundry & Steam Boiler. Lihat produk kami di: www.yakhinmandiri.indonetwork.co.id Email: dadamuly@ yahoo.com Phone: 081908191011 / 081381842129 / 02199195338 / 02170580558
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