Pintu Metal Detektor Multi Zones Body Kekar Type Symphony Triple Bonus

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Specification of Pintu Metal Detektor Multi Zones Body Kekar Type Symphony Triple Bonus

Browse through the extensive list of Personal Safety. Find the best offer from thousand of supplier in Indonetwork.
Self Safety Triple Prizes while they last. Please confirm in advance the availability of the prize which consists of: 1. Servo Motor Stabilizer 2. Handheld Metal Detector to check visitors who are detected carrying metal 3. Thermostate includes Tripod Stand to detect temperature The advantage of this metal detector is that it has a sturdy and sturdy body panel so it doesn't fall off easily if touched or bumped. Many cheap metal detector doors, the wooden panels of the legs are very thin, to save materials it is too minimalist, and is knocked down too, or if the wind blows outdoors it can fall WALKTHROUGH METAL DETECTOR ADVANTAGES: Security - Check without having to rummage - Detects dangerous metal objects, such as sharp weapons, firearms, and even bombs Aesthetics - Nice design, attractive, elegant, does not seem stiff Suitable for application in various areas - Various international sporting events (such as sea games, asian games, Olympic), hotels, airports TYPE OF METAL DETECTOR DOORS that we provide: Metal Detector Walkthrough Symphonia - Sensitivity level can be set from 0 - 100 - Widely used in factories to prevent valuables from being carried out of the factory area - LEDs on both sides of the panel that will light up when detecting metal - Has met the international standard GB 4793 - Very safe even for pregnant women, floppy disks, video tapes because it uses a weak magnetic force - Economical price - Microprocessor technology: flexible control, control panel to program all default parameters - Effectively reduces errors and omissions with complex circuits, infrared devices, and computer automatic identification - Technical parameters : Standard : GB 15210-1994 - Personal safety : Satisfied NILECJ-0601 - Power: 220V AC, 50/60Hz
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