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Specification of PCA Processed Citric Acid

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Product Specification PROCESSED CITRIC ACID (Special citric acid for effervescent products)
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CITRIC ACID SPECIALLY FOR EFFERVESCENT PRODUCTS Processed Citric Acid ( PCA) is citric acid that is processed with new technology where the water crystal molecule content in the citric acid has been removed up to e 22 %.

PCA is suitable for use in a variety of products where its use will provide many advantages.

The products in question are:
1. Dry form
• Hard candy
• Soft candy
• Powder drinks
• Lozenge tablets
• Evervescent tablets
• Evervescent powder
• Instant seasoning for cooking
• And others
To: maintain the level of dryness.
2. Wet form
• Jelly
• Jelly
• Jam
• And so forth
To: maintain a stable sour taste.

Where the products in dry form above must use CITRIC ACID material which usually has the same weakness, namely quickly becoming damp or wet.
Here we can provide a solution for your company to overcome this, namely by using PROCESSED CITRIC ACID.

The advantages of using PROCESSED CITRIC ACID are as follows:
• No need to use a room with too low a hygro
• The product is not easy to become moist, wet, let alone melt
• The product becomes resistant to outside air
• Extend the expiration date
• More stable sour taste (like malic acid).

Processed Citric Acid technology is a very appropriate and profitable solution for today's advanced companies.
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PT. Taberi Effertech Indonesia

We are selling of special citric acid for effervescent products called Processed Citric Acid ( PCA ) , and effervescent powder ( EFSO ). We are committed to provide the best service for customers . Our mission is to become one of the best suppliers of Processed Citric Acid and EFSO in the world . During this time our company has a good reputation by selling quality products to help companies who produce powdered beverage products, effervescent tablet or powder , candy , jelly , agar2 , candies , spices , jams, sweets and others.
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