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Specification of PARFUM AROMA ORANGE

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Product Specification PARFUME ORANGE PARFUME ORANGE We offer Orange Perfume with the distinctive aroma of fresh Orange fruit. Orange perfume that we offer is totally different with other type of Orange perfume in which our Orange perfume smells the uniqueness of Orange fruit aroma (unique Orange aroma vividly sweet of the Orange fruit itself). All of the perfumes we sell are ORIGINAL which can be proven by the very less use of dosage to your product and the strength of the aroma since the lid or cover opened. We sell lime sweet perfume whole and retail. Get special discount for wholesale – guaranteed very affordable. Another favorite aroma such as: Lime Sweet, Orange, Strawberry, Apple, Green tea, Lavender, Acacia, Rose, Sakura, Jasmine, Ocean Fresh, Red Downy, Molto Pink, Molto Blue, Bubble Gum, Etc. For more information and purchase order please call the number attached in the picture or directly come to our store below: · LTC glodok lantai 2 blok C9 no 7-8 di Jl Hayam Wuruk no 127 jakarta 11180 · Terusan Bandengan Utara No B 11 Jakarta 14450 · For anyone contacting through WhatsApp / Cellphone number attached on the picture get special price. NOTE: Now we accept Credit Card for payment. Store operational: Monday – Friday 10.00 AM – 04.00 PM Saturday 10.00 AM – 02.00 PM We also serve delivery to another island of Indonesia with affordable delivery fee, for more information please don’t hesitate to call or contact us. NOTE: To upgrade our perfume performance, we suggest to use our Fixative Active which functioned as vitamin for the perfume so the aroma smells stronger and more sustainable, therefore the quality of your product become better and unforgettable.
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PT. Indo Daisun Sakti

CV.Indodaisun Trading, menjual glosir dan eceran bahan kimia dan kemasan plastic, dengan harga yang terjangkau. Semua bahan kimia dan kemasan plastik yang kami jual dijamin kualitasnya dan MURAH Berikut ini produk-produk kimia yang kami jual : 1. Agrochemicals ( Kimia Agraris/ pertanian) 2. Home and Personal Care Chemicals 3. Industrial Chemicals 4. Water Treatment Chemicals 5. Food and Flavour 6. Parfume and Fixative 7. Masterbatch and Pigment ( pewarna plastic) 8. Plastic Packaging Kami menyediakan fomulasi dan praktek membuat produk : 1. Sabun Cuci Piring dengan kualitas internasional 2. Pembersih Lantai dengan aroma yang tahan lama 3. Softener dengan harga terjangkau 4. Pengharum dan Pelicin Pakaian 5. Karbol Wangi transparent Untuk lebih lengkapnya silakan lihat Katalog produk kami atau menghubungi kantor kami di : telepon : 021-62200846 alamat : LTC Glodok Lt. 2 blok C9 No. 7 atau bisa hubungi makerting kami : Valen : 08176467515 / 082210304001 Suwantoh : 081382058087
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