Navigation Buoy SLB 700

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Specification of Navigation Buoy SLB 700

The SL-B700 is a short-range buoy ready for immediate installation. Typical
applications include day and night channel, speed zone, restricted area marking
and aquaculture.
The SL-B700 is extremely long-lasting, and is moulded in strong, durable, UV-stabilised polyethylene. A
large mooring chain attachment point accommodates a 16mm shackle or 12mm silver rope.
The SL-B700 incorporates an interconnected mooring and lifting eye for additional strength and
flexibility in installation. The top section has 3 threaded studs, moulded into the buoy to enable easy
mounting of either the SL-15, SL-60 or SL-70 1-3NM+ solar lights.
The SL-B700 can be economically shipped around the globe, with approximately 105pcs and
210pcs being packed in 20ft and 40ft shipping containers respectively.
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CV.Mitra Duta Elektrindo

CV. Mitra Duta Elektrindo adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam PENGADAAN, PEMASANGAN DAN PERAWATAN RAMBU SUAR/ Sarana Bantu Navigasi dan Pelayaran ( SBNP) .
NPWP : 31.563.780.1-606.000
SIUP : 503/ 7375.A/ 436.6.11/ 2012
TDP : 130135132578
API : 133702527-P
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