Navas MMS-4000 Multiple Matrix - Multiple Sample Quick Moisture - Ash Analyzer

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Specification of Navas MMS-4000 Multiple Matrix - Multiple Sample Quick Moisture - Ash Analyzer

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MULTI-MATRIX, MULTI-SAMPLE TGA NEW Multi-sample, quick moisture and/ or ash analyzers with auto loader for larger output with operational software in Windows ( Accurate TGA method ) LOI at 1000 ° C in 20 minutes ( 15 to 20 samples simultaneously, depending on model, auto loader with capacity for 77 samples) THE INSTRUMENT CAN WORK AT NIGHT WITHOUT OPERATOR ATTENTION Furnace carousel, balance pedestal and crucibles are made of a special metal alloy for high temperatures ( ceramic crucibles are also available for some applications) . Determination of: moisture and/ or ash Applications: flour, wheat, food, animal feed, snacks, dough, coal ( quick ash) , coke ( quick ash) , coal preparation plants, graphite, iron ore, cement, calcium carbonate, bauxite, fertilizers, rubbers, plastics, used engine oil, etc. Temperature Range: 50 ~ 1000 ° C ± 1 º C Sample Size: 0.1 ~ 10 grams Standard Deviation of ± 0.0002 grams Number of samples: 15 to 20 simultaneously, models with different numbers of samples available Weight Loss/ Gain Range: 0 ~ 100 % . Navas Instruments MMS - 4000' s come standard with these notable differences: * All parts subjected to heat ( carousel, balance pedestal and crucibles) are made from a metal alloy for high temperatures * Temperature regulation is plus/ minus one degree Centigrade * Extremely robust mechanical design * Exceptional and unsurpassed reliability * Complete brand name digital precision balance of 0.1 mg sensitivity with display * Complete brand name temperature controller with display * Service, although seldom required, does not require highly-trained technicians * Parts are standard and generally available locally All Navas Instruments Thermogravimetric Analyzers fully comply with standard methodologies related to this type TGA analysis
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Navas Instrument

Navas Instruments was formed in 1994. Our goal is to design and provide the highest quality laboratory instruments available at reasonable prices. With the combination of our vast experience and technological knowledge, we can offer you instruments that automate the processes in research and development and quality control laboratories, thus reducing your operating time and cost. Our instruments comply with all ASTM Standards. They are constructed on robust frames and built with a minimal number of components, all of the highest quality, and the best software in the business; providing you with an instrument that is easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain.
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Navas Instrument

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