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Specification of MOBILITH SHC 1500

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Mobilith SHC 1500 . Grease

Super premium Grease that combines the unique features Of A High Synthetic Viscosity Liquid base With A Lithium Complex Soap Thickener. The Wax-Free Synthetic Base Fluid Provides Unusually Low Temperature Mobility/pumpability. Its Low Coefficient Of Traction Compared To Mineral Oil Provides Good Low Temperature Lubrication Plus Potential For Energy Savings And Operating Temperature Reduction In Loading Zone Of Rolling Element Bearing.

Mobilith SHC 1500 Offers The Following Benefits:
Slow Speed ​​Protection Position, Heavy Loaded Bearing
· Excellent Corrosion Protection
· Position of Structural Stability In Presence of Water
· Reduced Energy Consumption (Low Traction Coefficient)
· Extended relubrication interval
· Low Volatility
· Free Lead, Chlorine and Nitrite

Mobilith SHC 1500 Is A NLGI 1 Class Lithium Complex Grease With A Very High An, ISO VG 1500, Fluid Base Synthetic. It is intended for use in plain and rolling element bearing operations at very slow Speed, Under A Lot Of Weight And High Temperatures. High Viscosity Synthetic Base Oil Also Makes This Grease Suitable For Gear Open Applications.

Recommended Operating Temperature Range is -20ºC to +180°C.
Continuous Lubrication (53 G / Hr / Bearing) With Mobilith SHC 1500 Has Been Very Effective In Extending Bearings Life In A 30 Ton Polysius Roll Press Application. It Is Also Provided Excellent Performance In Rotary Kiln Roller Bearings And In Slag Transfer Rail Car Bearings.

Available Packing Drum & Pail

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