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Specification of MOBIL SHC HYDRAULIC EAL 32

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High Performance Synthetic Hydraulic Oil Mobil SHC™ Hydraulic EAL fluid is a highly biodegradable synthetic synthetic oil for modern hydraulic systems. These fluids are designed to meet the demand for environmentally acceptable hydraulic lubricants. Mobil SHC EAL Hydraulic Fluids are high quality, high temperature, shear stable hydraulic oils with controlled low temperature pumping properties and maximum anti-wear protection for hydraulic systems operating under high loads and high pressures. Energy efficiency is only concerned with fluid performance when compared to standard ExxonMobil fluids. The technology used provides up to 3.6% efficiency compared to Mobil DTE 25 when tested in an Eaton 25VMQ vane pump under controlled conditions according to applicable industry standards and protocols. Efficiency improvements will vary based on operating conditions and applications.
Features and advantages
- Meets requirements for EU Ecolabel, Blue Angel, SS 155434 and USDA BioPreferred®.
- Exceptional carrying and anti-wear properties that protect system components against wear and abrasion and help provide long equipment life.
- High shear stable high viscosity index helps maintain component protection over a wide temperature range.
- Good thermal and oxidation stability which can help reduce downtime and maintenance costs by contributing to system cleanliness and deposit reduction, enabling long oil and filter life.
- Excellent crushability ensures easy removal of water under waterline application.
- Good elastomeric compatibility; works well with the same elastomers used with conventional hydraulic mineral oil.

- In systems that are easily biodegradable and minimal toxic liquids may be required.
- Hydraulic applications where reduced energy consumption is desired.
- Circulation systems containing gears and bearings where light extreme pressure characteristics are desired.
- Systems containing servo-valves, where cleanliness is very important.
- Hydraulic systems operating with oil temperatures ranging from -17 °C (1.4 °F) to +93 °C (199 °F).
- Mobile, marine and forestry equipment operating in environmentally sensitive areas.
- The circulation system operates under mild to moderate service conditions.
- Industrial hydraulic systems where liquid leaks or spills can enter plant waste.

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