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Specification of ROKEM ML-OS160-06

ML-OS160-06 lantern is a newly developed LED Marine Signal Lantern with intensity outputs
ranging upto 6 nm (T=0.74) or 7.8nms (T=0.85). ML-OS160-06 lantern has characters of
high light output and long working life. The lantern is widely used on light buoys and beacons
at sea.
Features & Benefits
○ Comply with IALA and GMU (General Marine Use) standard
○ Supper bright LED save energy, life 100,000 hours min
○ Light weight and easy installation
○ High horizontal intensity uniformity
○ Patent optic design insure high light efficiency with adjustable light intensity.
○ Computer chip control achieve high reliability
○ UV resistant Polycarbonate for lens with acrylic violet ultra protected
○ Solar charge controller: intergratged microprocessor
○ Light source: Supper bright LED
○ Vertical divergence: 7.5° (I50%)
○ Sun switch on/off: 70/100 Lux
○ Flash rhythm: 256 rhythms site selectable
○ Idling current: ≤4mA
○ Solar panel : 20W
(Type: EVA temperd glass laminate, efficiency: 14% min)
○ Maintenance-free battery: 32 Amp-hr @ 10hr discharge
(Type:: Pure-Lead thin lead with starved-electrolyte
Nominal Voltage: 6 Volts
Battery Venting : Vent at bottom of lantern
Sealing : Self-Contained Unit, Sealed Wit)
○ Min lifetime batery: 5 years
○ Autonomy (50% flash, 12hr/day):
6nm≥192 hours; (T=0.74) or 7.8nms (T=0.85)
5nm≥300 hours; (T=0.85) or 6nms (T=0.85)
4nm≥456 hours. (T=0.74) or 5nms (T=0.85)
○ Temperature: -35℃~+55℃
○ Protection: IP68
○ Installation: 3 and 4-Φ13 on 200mm bolt circle
○ Weight: 8kg
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CV.Mitra Duta Elektrindo

CV. Mitra Duta Elektrindo adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam PENGADAAN, PEMASANGAN DAN PERAWATAN RAMBU SUAR/ Sarana Bantu Navigasi dan Pelayaran ( SBNP) .
NPWP : 31.563.780.1-606.000
SIUP : 503/ 7375.A/ 436.6.11/ 2012
TDP : 130135132578
API : 133702527-P
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CV.Mitra Duta Elektrindo

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