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CV. Kirana Tiga Bintang Indonesia Compounding Plastics Additives, Masterbatches dan Specialty Chemicals
Kami menjual bahan spesial additive khusus untuk plastik PP, HDPE, LDPE. Berfungsi supaya plastik film atau sheet menjadi lebih alot dan kuat, menjadi lebih liat, juga bagus diaplikasikan untuk plastik injection supaya anti pecah, anti regas dll.
Salah satu produk yang kami jual yaitu : METALLOCENE

Metallocene polyethylene or mPE is a unique polyethylene, which is made by utilizing a metallocene catalyst. This technology results in resins with very pure, and consistent properties. mPE films exhibit fast hot tack, which allows for rapid sealing. Many grades have excellent puncture resistance and permeability to oxygen and good tensile strength at break, i.e. they are much stronger than conventional polyethylene resins. Metallocene catalyzed polymerization results in very pure, and consistent resins with specific properties. A wide variety of metallocene polyethylenes can be produced with very different properties ranging from very soft with low melting point to high melting point with good heat resistance, that is, metallocene catalysts enable the resin manufacturers to tailor PE with specific film properties to meet precise performance requirements. Many derivatives of early metal metallocenes are active catalysts for olefin polymerization As well. Unlike traditional and still widely used heterogeneous Ziegler-Natta catalysts, metallocenes are homogeneous.For many applications, mPE is a suitable alternative to PVC and EVA. For example, some manufacturers claim that mPE has better hot tack than EVA, and is, therefore, an excellent alternative to Surlyn films, whereas other grades of mPE are suitable alternatives to PVC for certain applications.

Di pakai pada Mesin Plastik :
• Extrusion
• Stretch blow injection
• Injection
• Rotto moulding
• Blow moulding
• Injection moulding
• Thermoforming
• Non Woven & Woven machine
• Blown film
• Extrusion
• T-Extrusion
• Mesin daur ulang plastik, dll.

Aplikasi produk plastik :
• Kantong plastik
• Karung plastik (PP Woven)
• Yarn/benang plastik
• Spundbond
• Kantong kresek
• Plastik bening
• Pipa plastik
• Straw (sedotan plastik)
• Monofilament plastic
• Toys/mainan plastik
• Otomitif sparepart plastic
• Rottan plastik
• Gelas plastik
• Tali plastik
• House ware plastik
• Plastik green house
• Untuk plastik PP, HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, OPP, XLPE, dll.
• Untuk kantong plastik, film, sheet, roll plastik, mulsa, shrink film, wrapp film, stretch film dll.
• Alat-alat bahan bangunan yang terbuat dari plastik
• Plastic engginering, etc
• Industri helm
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Kami perusahaan pembuat compound special additive dan masterbatches pewarna untuk aplikasi industri plastik dan pabrik plastik, polimer, elastomer, karet, pvc, pp, pe, ldpe, hdpe, pet, pc, nylon, abs, industri sablon, kosmetik dll.

Product yang kami jual :
- Bahan chemical additive untuk industri plastik
- Pembening plastik
- Pemutih plastik dan Optical Brightening Agent (OBA) atau dalam bentuk pellet (MB Brighteners)
- Pengalot plastik
- Pengkaku plastik
- Pengkilap plastik/ super glossy
- Pencerah plastik anti kusam dan efek bluish
- Recycle stabilizer, thermal atau heat stabilizer
- Metallic Stearate (Calcium Stearate, Zinc Stearate, Magnesium Stearate, Sodium Stearate dll)
- Chemicals Additive untuk plastik wrapp film atau stretch film
- Chemicals Additive untuk plastik OPP, BOPP, CPP film
- Chemicals Additive untuk plastik XLPE Crosslinked PE
- Anti oxidant (Anti yellowing) 
- Antiblock dan slip agent 
- Anti static
- Anti lengket untuk plastik
- Anti lembab atau anti mata ikan (fish gels)
- Anti UV (UV Stabilizer)
- Coupling Agent dan Crosslinking Agent  
- Titanium dioxide (pigment putih) 
- Pewarna plastik
- Flame retardant
- Glossy atau pengkilap additive
- Anti lengket untuk proses pembuatan plastik
- Tensile strength improver, elongation improver dll.

Semua untuk aplikasi plastik OPP, PP, PE, LDPE, HDPE, ABS, HIPS, PET, PC, AKRYLIC, NYLON dll Additive untuk Oil Thickener (Pengental oli), kami menyediakan bahan special Olefin Copolymer atau OCP

Additives untuk karet, yaitu : Plasticizer Oil, Anti Oxidant, Accelerator, Activator, Carbon Black, Titanium Dioxide, Polibutene/Poliisobutylene dll.

Produk Resin atau Raw Material Plastik :
PP Glass fiber, thermoplastic polyurethane TPU, POE, MPE , TPE Thermoplastic Elastomers, TPR RESIN, RESIN SBS, SBC, SIBS, SEBS, K-RESIN dll.
Ex buatan Germany, Japan, Korea dll.
We are energizing additives

Special product: ERUCAMIDE dan OLEAMIDE
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