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Mesin Marka Jalan, Mesin Preheater, Hp 082123351143

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Specification of Mesin Marka Jalan, Mesin Preheater, Hp 082123351143

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Alat Pembuat Marka Jalan Fungsi: Alat Pembuat Marka Jalan ini digunakan untuk mengaplikasikan bahan Thermo Plastik dan Glass Bead dengan bantuan pemanasan. Thermo Plastic diaplikasikan dulu ke atas permukaan jalan, setelah itu Glass Bead ditabur/ diaplikasikan diatas Thermo Plastic. Kegunaan Glass Bead yg diaplikasikan diatas Thermo Plastic adalah supaya marka jalan mengkilap bila kena cahaya. Spesifikasi: Kapasitas tangki Cat: 75 kg Kapasitas Glass Bead: 10 kg Sepatu: Lebar 12 cm dan 30 cm Penabur Glass Bead: Lebar 12 cm dan 30 cm Bahan Bakar: LPG ( Mesin Marka jalan di supply tanpa tangki LPG) Lebar 12 cm adalah Marka Jalan dan 30 cm adalah Zebra Cross.
Contact Us : Tohodo Scientific Instrument DTC ( Darmo Trade Center) LT.4 Blok A No.63 Jl. Raya Wonokromo Surabaya, Jawa Timur Email: tohodosby@ yahoo.com, surabayaalatlaboratorysby@gmail.com. Hp: 0821 2335 1143 Telp: 031-8484947, 031-8484947

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Tohodo Scientific Instrument

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Feb' 09) 3 Phase Power Analyzer DW-6160 ( END DEC) Watt Meter EA-100 EH-20 Electrode Holder EM-900P EM-9000 Environment Meter EM-9100 Environment Meter EM-9200 Intelligent Meter EM-9300SD Environment Meter EMF-810 Micro Wave Leakage Detector EMF-819 # Axis RF Electromagnetic Field Meter EMF-822A EMF tester EMF-823 EMF Tester EMF-824 EMF Adapter EMF-825 EMF Tester + type K Thermometer EMF-826SG EMF-827 EMF Tester, Separate probe EMF-828 3D EMF Tester EMF-839+ EP-03H+ EP-04L Electromagnetic Field Meter ET-3000 Earth resistance Tester FC-2500A+ AT-20+ PB-21 Frequency Counter FC-2700 Frequency Counter, bench type FC-2700+ PB21+ NN23 FC-422D Panel Meter FG-2003-220V Function Generator FG-20KG Force Gauge FG-20KG-RS232 FG-5000A Force Gauge FG-5000A-RS232 FG-5005 Force Gauge FG-5020 Force Gauge FG-5100 Forge Gauge FS-1001 + WG-01 Test Stand FT-9950 A/ DC Fork Current Tester GB-100KG Bench Scale GB-150KG Bench Csale GB-4501 GC-2028 CO2 Meter GCH-2108 CO METER Co Meter GCO-2008 CO meter GM-1500P Digital Balance GM-2000R GM-225G GM-300P Digital Balance GM-3KG 3 kg Digital Scale GM-500 Digital Scale GM-5000 Digital Scale GM-5001 Digital Scale GM-501 Digital Scale GM-600G Digital Scale GM-600P Digital Balance GMCB-89 Interface Cable GS-400 Ultrasonic Transmitter GS-5800 Ultrasonic Leakage Detector GS-5800+ GS400+ EA100 GSM-120 GSM Home Security System GSM-840 GSM Control System GSM-888 GSM Control System GSM-889 GSM Controller GU-3001 Magnetic Meter HA-701 HA-702 HD-200PAL Anemometer Probe HD-200PLX Light Probe HD-200PRH Humidity Meter Probe HD-3008 HS-01 Holster HS-02 Holster HT-305 Pocket Humidity Meter HT-306 Humidity/ Temp, Meter HT-3006A replaced HT-3006 HT-3006HA Humidity meter HT-3009 Precission Humidity + Temp + Dew Point HT-3015 replaced 3005A/ 3005HB HT-3015HA Humidity Meter HT-315 replaced HT-319 Pocket Humidity Meter HT-3007SD ( END DEC) HT-4006G Humidity/ Temp, Meter + type K/ J Temp HV-40 High Voltage Probe IP-07 Inductive Pick Up Sensor IP-09 Inductive Pick Up Sensor IR-961 KV-05 LAN-922 Lan cable atester LBOX-405 Inductance Decade Box LCR-9063 Pocket LCR Meter LCR-9073 LCR Meter LCR-9083 LCR Meter LCR-9183 LCR Meter, bench type LF-423 Line Frequency Monitor LG-09 LM-8000 Anemometer, Humidity Meter, Light Meter LM-8010 LM-8012 LM-8020G Green 4 in 1 Meter LM-8100 4 in 1 Meter LM-8102 5 in 1 Meter LM-81AM Anemometer, Humidity Meter, Light Meter LM-81AT Anemometer LM-81HT Humidity meter LM-81LX Light Meter LS-04 200 AMP Current Shunt LX-02 Light Adapter LX-100 Light Meter LX-101 Light Meter LX-101A Light Meter LX-102 Light Adapter LX-103 Light Meter LX-104G Light Meter LX-105 Light Meter LX-107 Light Meter LX-107HA Light Meter LX-108 Light Meter LX-110 Light Meter LX-1102 Light Meter LX-1108 Light Meter LX-1118 Light Meter MALE YELLOW JACK MHB-382SD ( END DEC) MHT-381SD ( END DEC) MO-2001-2 ( 240V) MO-2002-230V Milliohm Meter MO-2013-230V High Precision Milliohm Meter MP-31 probe f/ MS7000HA/ 7003 MS-7000 Moisture Meter MS-7000HA Moisture Meter MS-7001 Moisture meter MS-7002 Moisture meter MS-7003 Moisture Meter MS-7011 MS-71P ( must cal. with meter) Humidity Content Probe MTM-380SD ( END DEC) MY-81AP Anemometer MY-91HT NB-24 Frequency Counter NI-214 Negative Ion Water Tester NN-23 Frequency Counter ORP-14 replaced OPR-04 ORP Electrode ORP-203 ORP Meter ORP-213+ ORP-14 ORP Meter ORP-400 Cal. Solution OXDP-02 OXEL-03 Probe-Filling Electrolyte OXHD-04 Spare probe Head with Diaphragma OXPB-01C( 4meter) replaced 01B OXPB-01C ( PROBE f/ DO-5510) OXPB-09 F/ DO5509 OXPB-11 F/ DO-5511/ 5510 PB-21 Frequency Counter PC-6009 Power Clamp Meter PC-6010 Power Clamp meter PCD-431 Conductivity Meter PCD-432 Conductivity Meter PCO-350 CO Meter, pen type PDO-519 Dissolved Oxigen Meter PDO-520 Dissolved Oxigen Meter PDT-2250 Controller/ Monitor PO2-250 PE-01 pH electrode PE-02 Heavy Duty PH Electrode PE-03 pH Electroda PE-03K7 PH electrode + Temp probe PE-04HD Spear Tip pH Electrode PE-05T pH Electroda PE-06HD Spear Tip pH Electrode PE-08 Plane PH Electrode PE-11 pH Electroda PE-21 ph Electroda PH-04 pH 4 Buffer Solution PH-04A pH Buffer Solution PH-07 pH 7 Buffer Solution PH-07A pH 7 Buffer Solution PH-109G pH Meter PH-201 pH meter PH-202 pH Bench Meter PH-206 Temp Meter PH-207 pH meter PH-207HA pH meter PH-208 pH meter PH-209G Green pH Meter PH-211 Ph Meter PH-212 Soil Ph Meter PH-214 pH bench Meter PH-220 Pen pH Meter PH-220S Soil PH meter PH-221 pH Meter PH-222 Pen PH Meter PH-223 Pen PH Meter PH-321M PH Monitor PHB-318 Humidity/ Barometer/ Temp Meter PHT-3109 Panel Humidity/ Temp Meter PHT-316 Humidity/ Temp Meter PI-06 Photo Sensor PL-03 PLX-111 Light Meter PM-9100 Manometer PM-9100HA Manometer PM-9102 Manometer PM-9107 Manometer PMS-713 Moisture Meter PMS-714 Soil Moisture Meter PPH-2108 pH Controller/ Monitor PPS-9312 Pressure Controller/ Monitor PRS-2321 Controller/ Monitor PS-403 Pressure Adapter PS-9302 Pressure Meter PS-9302+ PS100-xxBAR+ CA-06 PS93DV-100BAR PS93DV-10BAR PS93DV-20BAR Pressure Transducer PS93DV-2BAR PS93DV-400BAR PS93DV-50BAR PS93DV-5BAR PS-93MAxxBAR Pressure Transducer PS-100-2BAR PS-100-400BAR PS-100xxBAR Pressure Sensor PSA-311 Salt Meter PTM-806 Thermometer PTM-816 Thermometer PUV-360 Pen UV Light Meter PVB-820 Pen Vibration Meter PWA-301 Pure Water Meter PX-01 Proximity Sensor PX-02 Proximity Sensor RBOX-408 Resistance Decade Box RCB-110V RCCB Checker RCB-220V RCCB Checker RGB-1001 RGB-1002 Color Analyzer RHA-33 Humidity Calibrator RHA-75 Humidity Calibrator RSC-801 Conventer RT-606 3 Phase Rotation Tester RT-608 3 phase & Motor Rotation tester RT-616 3 Phase Rotation Tester SB-01 Wind Shield Ball SC-941 ( 94dB) Sound Calibrator SC-942 ( 94dB/ 114dB) Sound Calibrator SCALE-U002 SL-3113G Sound Level Meter SL-406 Sound Adapter SL-407 Sound level meter SL-4001 Sound level meter SL-4010 Sound Level Meter SL-4011 Sound level meter SL-4012 Sound level meter SL-4013 Sound level meter SL-4022 Sound level meter SL-4023SD ( END DEC) SL-4030 Sound level meter SL-4112 Sound Level Meter SL-4113G Green Power Multimeter SPA-GE SPA-UK SPA-US ST-50 Shunt SW-808 8 meters Data Acquisition Software SW-9960 SW-D003-WINCD SW-DL2005 SW-U801-WIN Software for intelligent Instrument TA-35 Tachometer Adapter TA-601 Tachometer Adapter TC-920 Thermometer Calibrator TL-01S TL-02AS Alligator Test Lead TL-03 for DM-9023 TL-09S TL-88 Heavy Duty Test Lead TLSM-15 SMD Test Clips TM-2000 Thermometer TM-903A Thermometer TM-906A Dual Thermometer TM-907A Preccision degree Thermometer TM-909AL replaced TM-900 Infrared Thermometer TM-914C replaced TM-902C Dual Channel Thermometer TM-916 Dual Thermometer TM-916HA TM-917 Precision degree Thermometer TM-917HA TM-919AL replaced TM-900 Infrared Thermometer TM-9126 Thermometer type K/ J/ R/ E/ T TM-924C Two Channel Thermometer TM-925 Two Channel Thermometer TM-926 TM-928G Dual Channel Thermometer TM-936 Thermometer TM-939 IR Thermometer TM-946 ( to offer TM-947SD better) Thermometer TM-947SD TM-949 TM-956 Infrared Thermometer TM-958 Infrared Thermometer TM-959 Infrared Thermometer TM-966 ( forehead IR thermometer) TM-969 Infrared Thermometer TP-01 Type K Temperature Probe TP-02A Type K Temperature Probe TP-03 Type K Temperature Probe TP-04 Type K Temperature Probe TP-06 Optional Temp, Probe for pH Meter TP-07 Optional Temp, Probe for pH Meter TP-100 PT 100 ohm Temp.Probe TP-101 f/ TM-946 TP-11 TQ-8800 Torque Meter TQ-8801 Torque Wrench, 100 kg-cm TQ-8803 Torque Wrench, 100 kg-cm TU-2016 Turbidity Meter UPCB-01 USB Cable UPCB-02 Rs 232 Cable for intelligent Instrument UPCB-03 ( 20M) f/ PRS-2321 UPCB-04 UPCB-06 for DM-9960 USB-01 USB-01 UV-340A UV-340 UVA-365 UV0-A Light Meter UVC-254 UV-A Light Meter VB-8200 Vibration Meter VB-8201HA Vibration meter VB-8202 Vibration Meter VB-8203 Vibration meter VB-8210 Vibration Meter VB-8212 Vibration Meter VB-8213 Vibration Meter VB-8220 Vibration Meter VC-9200 Vacuum Meter VT-8204 Vibration/ Tachometer WA-2015 pH/ orp, DO, CD/ TDS Meter WA-2017SD pH/ ORP, DO, CD/ TDS, Salt Meter WA-300 Pure Water Tester WG-01 Wedge Grip WH-08 Case holder f/ HT-306 WT-200 YK-10LX Light Meter, YK-2000PK YK-2001PH Intelligent PH Meter YK-2001TM Intelligent Thermometer YK-2004AH Hot Wire Anemometer YK-2004CD Conductivity Meter YK-2014CD Conductivity Meter YK-2005AH Hot Wire Anemometer YK-2005AM Anemometer YK-2005CD conductivity meter YK-2005LX Light Meter, real time data logger YK-2005RH Humidity Meter real time data logger YK-2005TM Multi-function Thermometer YK-2005WA pH/ orp, DO, CD/ TDS Meter YK-200PAL Anemometer probe YK-200PAM Metal Anemometer probe YK-200PAS Mini Vane Anemometer probe YK-200PATC ATC probe YK-200PCD conductivity Probe YK-200PCT Conductivity/ TDS probe YK-200PDO Dissolved Oxygen YK-200PIR Infrared Temperature probe YK-200PLX Light Probe YK-200PRH Humidity probe YK-21PH pH meter YK-22CT Conductivity/ TDS Meter YK-22DO Disolved Oxygen Meter YK-23RP ORP Meter YK-30WA Pure Water tester YK-31SA Salt Meter YK-35UV UV Light Meter YK-43CD Conductivity meter YK-36UV UV Light Meter YK-80AM Anemometer YK-80AP Anemometer YK-80AS Anemometer-80AS YK-90HT+ CA-06 TR-PHT1A4 pH Transmitter PE-03 for TR-PHT1A4 TR-DOT1A4 Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter TR-CDT1A4 Conductivity Transmitter TR-CLP1A4 TR-VBT1A4 Vibration Transmitter TR-PST1A4 Clamp Transmitter TR-SLT1A4 Sound Transmitter TR-TMK1A4 Temp Transmitter TR-PS2W-2BAR TR-PS2W-5BAR TR-PS2W-10BAR TR-PS2W-20BAR 2 wires Pressure Transmitter TR-PS2W-50BAR TR-PS2W-100BAR TR-PS2W-400BAR TR-RH2W Wires Humidity Transmitter Optional for TR-TMK1A4 TP-01 Type K Temperature Probe TP-02A Type K Temperature Probe TP-03 Type K Temperature Probe TP-04 Type K Temperature Probe TR-TMP1A4 Temp Transmitter TP-100 for TR-TMP1A4 CT-2002-MA TR-HUM1A4 TR-AMT1A4 TR-LXT1A4 TR-RPM1A4 RPM transmitter TR-HZT1A4 Frequency Transmitter TR-LDT1A4 Load Cell Transmitter TR-PTT1A4 Potential Transmitter TR-ACV1A4-150V ACV Transmitter TR-ACV1A4-300V TR-ACA1A4-1A ACA transmitter TR-ACA1A4-5A TR-DCV1A4-200MV TR-DCV1A4-2V TR-DCV1A4-20V DCV Transmitter TR-DCV1A4-200V TR-DCA1A4-200UA DCA Transmitter TR-DCA1A4-2MA TR-DCA1A4-20MA TR-DCA1A4-2A TR-DCA1A4-5A TR-CLP1A4 ( N.A.N) Clamp Transmitter Dataloggers; Ebro EBI 20 TH/ Set - Lutron - Comet T3110 -Deltatrak -AZ Instrument - Orion - Hanna- Extech -Sound Level Meter, Vibration Meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, pH Meter, Conductivity Meter, Total Suspended Solid- TSS Analyzer, ShimpoTachometer. We Sell : Analytical Balance merk AND, Radwag, Ohaus, Scientech, acculab, pesola, avery, Metler Toledo, Tanita, dll Anemometer extech, lutron, az, smart, Delta Ohm, testo, vaisala. Area Heat Stress Monitor, quest Audio Meter BOD Incubator merk Aqualytic BOD Meter merk Aqualitytic Centrifuge Chlorineterase Kit COD Meter merk Aqualitytic Colony Counter Conductivity Meter Delta Ohm Current Meter Flowwatch, Dissolved Oxygen Meter Distilation Dry Gas Meter dan Wet Gas Meter merk Shinagawa Ekman Grab, merk Wildco Elektromagnetic Field EMF Meter Fit Test Flow meter Flow probe current meter merk Global water Flue Gas Analyzer Merk Anapol Swiss Furnace Gas Analyzer Gas dan Smoke Analyzer Merk Assemblad Italy Gas detector Tube Kitagawa Gas Sampler GPS Harm Vibration Meter High Volume Sampler, Merk Staplex USA Homogenizer Horizontal Alpha Water Sampler, merk Wildco Hot Plate Cimarec Human Vibration Meter Human Vibration Meter Integrating Sound Level meter Delta ohm Isokinetic Stack Sampling Kjedahl Digestion merk Gerhardt Kjedahl Distillaion merk Gerhardt Laboraatory Refrigerator merk Aqualytic Laboratory Blender Lemari Asam ( Fume hood) Low volume sampler Staplex Lux Meter Lux Meter, Light Meter Magnetic Stirer Micromanometer with Pitot Tube Multi Gas Analyzer for Ambient Air Merk Nova Multi Gas Detection Niskin PVC Water Sampler, Merk KC Denmark Noise Dose Meter Oil on Water Opacity Meter Ringleman Fuji Scope Personal Dust Sampler Personal Heat Stress monitor Personal monitor Petite Ponar Dredge , merk Wildco Ph. Meter Delta Ohm Photo Meter Photo-Radiometer Plankton Net, merk Wildco PM 10 dan PM 2.5 , Merk Staplex PM10, PM2, 5 Tactical Air sampler Merk Airmetric USA Portable Sounder Portable Suspended Solids Merk Partech Portable Water Test kits ( Microbiologi Sound Level meter Delta ohm , Lutron Spectrophotometer UV-VIS Spiro Meter Theodolite Thermohygrometer Total Organic Carbon merk Lachat Total Suspended Particulate Staplex Turbidity meter Universal Ovens merk Memmert Vaccum Pump Van Dorn Water Sampler, Merk KC Denmark Vertical Beta Water Sampler, merk Wildco Water Bath ( penangas air) Water Quality Checker TOA, Horiba Weather Station Delta Ohm Contact Us : Tohodo Scientific Instrument DTC ( Darmo Trade Center) LT.4 Blok A No.63 Jl. Raya Wonokromo Surabaya, Jawa Timur Email: tohodosby@ yahoo.com Telp : 031- 7700 1340, 031- 848 4947 Fax : 031- 848 4947, Hp : 0821 2335 1143..
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Tohodo Scientific Instrument

DTC (Darmo Trade Center) LT.4 Blok A No.63 Jl. Raya Wonokromo Surabaya, Jawa Timur - Kota Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia -60241
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