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Specification of Mesin Laser / Machine Laser

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(1). Machine structure
· The main frame adopts a gantry type structure welded with all steel plates to ensure that the model is stable and does not deform for a long time.
· Machine body High-temperature annealing by large annealing furnace.
· Machine body has been formed by the import gantry milling.
· Use gantry rack double guide, double servo drive structure.
· Improve the stability and rigidity of the Y-axis beam.
· Ensures high precision and high dynamic performance of Y-axis beam movement.
· Y-axis beam runs smoothly at high speed, greatly reducing gas consumption.
Guide surface
Integral steel plate welding

The beam sliding table adopts integral cast aluminum parts, which can reduce the weight of the beam and ensure good stability, which can meet the high-speed operation of the machine

(2).Gears, racks and guides

Rails and racks are calibrated with precision collimators with an accuracy of ±0.02mm
1. "K.H" rack, four-sided grinding

2-positioning pin design prevents rack displacement

1- Taiwan "HIWIN" Guide

2- 2-Oblique block design prevents rail displacement

(3) Reducer and servo motor

(4) Equipped with Swiss Raytools automatic focusing laser cutting head
· The internal structure of the laser head is completely sealed, the dustproof level reaches grade 6, and the waterproof level reaches grade 7, which can prevent the optical part from being contaminated by dust.
· Magnetic protection anti-collision, flexible and convenient reset and alarm function.
· Set by the panel operation or programmable CNC-controlled cutting height.
· Height control can be achieved through Z-axis servo motor and drive system.
· Modular design, high precision and easy maintenance.

(5) 1000w MAX SHENZHEN laser
· High beam quality output.
· High reliability, long service life.
· Can use air cutting to save costs.
· High electro-optical conversion efficiency.
· Compact structural design.
· Fiber output comes with collimation output head.
· External Computer Control Interface.

(6) Water cooler
· Adopt domestic first-class brand, professional laser chiller, good stability, high precision.
· With dual-channel temperature control, the laser and cutting head can be controlled at different temperatures to ensure the stability of laser and cutting head.
· Features include: water pressure alarm, high and low temperature alarm, voltage alarm, and various fault alarms and so on.

(7) Electrical box and computer

(8) High precision module
Advanced chuck clamping system
1. Fast speed, up to 120 RPM.
2. High hardness bearing steel.
3, easy to adjust, the claw adopts two adjustment mode.
4, high sealing, prevent debris and dust particles into the interior, impact or reduce the service life of the cylinder and valve structure inside

(9) High-precision components

Machine comes with automatic fuel pump
Using pneumatic components, With low pressure Japan SMC perforation, automatic ventilation, pressure detection and other functions.

(10) Laser cutting special CNC system CypCut
· High-speed and high-precision position closed loop.
· High-speed gantry control/capacitance follow-up control.
· Laser energy according to speed control function.
· Power off/power off return function.
· Flight cutting / automatic patrol / multi-level punching function.

Handheld wireless remote control.
Can carry out follow-up control in all directions, the operation is simple and convenient.
Improve operator’s working efficiency.
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