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Impedance Meter

Determines condition of lead-acid and NiCd cells up to 7000 Ah
On-board Pass/Warning/Fail indications
Robust, repeatable instruments
On-line testing

The BITE2 and BITE2P battery impedance test equipment determine the condition of lead-acid and nickel-cadmium cells up to 7000 Ah. An advanced feature set has been developed that includes Pass/Warning/Fail calculations based on a user-entered baseline value, advanced printing functions and more. The case of the BITE2P consists of both the transmitter and a carrying case for all of the standard accessories and some of the optional accessories, in an all-in-one unit. The BITE2 and its accessories fit into a sturdy canvas case with a shoulder strap.

The instruments work by applying a test current across the battery string while on-line, then measuring the total current (ac ripple + test current) and the voltage drop of each cell/jar. It then calculates the impedance. They also measure dc voltage and interconnection (strap) resistance to help determine the overall condition of the entire battery string's electrical path from terminal plate to terminal plate.

The BITE2 and BITE2P receiver stores the readings in its internal memory. These measurements, along with other maintenance data such as ambient and pilot cell temperatures and ac ripple current, assist in determining the overall condition of battery systems. Megger recommends that impedance measurements with the BITE2 or BITE2P be made part of a battery maintenance program with readings taken and recorded semiannually for flooded batteries and quarterly for VRLA.

Unlike load cycle testing that involves substantial downtime and repeated discharges, using the instruments require no battery discharge, nor do they stress the battery in any way compared to other techniques. With a test time of less than 20 seconds for each cell and intercell connector, one person can easily, quickly, and precisely measure internal cell impedance, dc terminal voltage and intercell connection resistance without taking the battery system off line.

Naturally, everything you need to perform these tests is included with the basic instruments. There is a full line of optional accessories to enhance the capabilities of the BITE2 and BITE2P. Both have the ability to download to a PC for data interpretation. Additionally, the BITE P has a built-in printer to review the active test but also to leave a hard copy record at the site.
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PT. Aksata Global Solusi | PT. Aksata Global Solusi merupakan Distributor untuk berbagai kebutuhan di Bidang Electrical Instrument, Mechanical dan Chemical Terbaik di Bekasi. Kami memiliki spesialisasi dalam menyediakan Alat Mekanik, Alat Test, Alat Uji, Alat Ukur, dan alat lainnya untuk memenuhi kebutuhan Anda. Untuk segmen Kimia sendiri kami menyediakan berbagai macam bahan kimia yang dapat digunakan untuk industri, minyak dan gas, pengolahan air, dan lain-lain. Kami juga memberikan Jasa Training Alat Test yang dilakukan oleh Trainer kami yang sudah berpengalaman. Selain itu kami juga menerima Layanan Kalibrasi yang biasa dilakukan setahun sekali bagi pemilik alat test.

Di Bidang lainnya, Aksata Global Solusi juga memberikan Layanan Operation & Maintenance Generator Engine (Genset) oleh Manpower yang berpengalaman, kebutuhan akan perawatan Genset merupakan suatu hal yang sangat penting, maka dari itu kami siap untuk membantu perusahaan Anda agar ketika Genset dibutuhkan akan bekerja dengan baik sesuai dengan fungsinya.

Aksata Global Solusi memiliki Visi menjadi One Stop Solution untuk semua kebutuhan Electrical Instrumen, Mechanical dan Chemical Need. Serta memiliki Misi selalu memberikan solusi yang tepat untuk segala kebutuhan dengan pelayanan yang cepat dan ramah dan menjadi solusi untuk semua kebutuhan Electrical Instrumen, Mechanical dan Chemical Needs.

PT. Aksata Global Solusi merupakan Distributor untuk berbagai kebutuhan di Bidang Electrical Instrument, Mechanical dan Chemical Terbaik di Bekasi siap menyediakan berbagai produk dan layanan terbaik untuk memenuhi kebutuhan Anda, yang diantaranya meliputi :
1. Automation & System
2. Chemical
3. Energy Audit
4. Equipment
5. Equipment Rental
6. Genset Services
7. Integrator
8. Mechanical
9. Power Services
10. Repair & Services
11. Test & Measurement
12. Test Maintenance
13. Dan lain-lain, sesuai request dan permintaan

Aksata Global Solusi didukung oleh tim management yang profesional, solid dan berpengalaman yang akan berpartisipasi untuk memenuhi segala kebutuhan Electrical Instrument, Mechanical dan Chemical Anda di seluruh Indonesia. Aksata Global Solusi bertekad untuk melayani dan memuaskan pelanggan dengan Mutu dan Kualitas Produk, serta harga yang kompetitif.

PT. AKSATA GLOBAL SOLUSI — Distributor Electrical Instrument, Mechanical dan Chemical Bekasi
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