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LU-908M intelligent manual setter

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Specification of LU-908M intelligent manual setter

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LU-908M intelligent manual setter

1. Brief Introduction
LU-908M can automatically receive the system’s (or the regulator’s) set signal and valve feedback signal and regulate according to the two signals’ deviation, and then output the corresponding switch control signal (relay direct action, reverse action). It abbreviates the servo amplifier and directly drive the actuator.
LU-908M has one circuit analogue control output. It receive the system’s (or the regulator’s) analogue input signal and directly change the signal to other analogue signal to the control object. The input signal and the output signal may be different analogue signal, for example the input 0-5V and output 4-20mA.

2. The main Technical Parameters
◆Input accuracy: ± (0.2%F.S+1) digit
◆Resolution: 1, 0.1
◆Display: Double Four LED Numerical Code Tube + light pillar
◆input type: 0-10 mA、 4-20mA
0-5V 、1-5V
◆output model types:
J1: relay output (3A normally open and hold)
J2: relay output (0.8A normally open)
T: SSR trigger output (12V/40mA)
I1: control current output (0-10mA/4-20mA)
V1: DC12V/50 mA sensors power supply model
V2: DC24V/50 mA sensors power supply model
R: RS232 communication model
S: RS485 communication model
◆the T.C cold-junction compensation errors: ±1 ℃
◆the T.C breaks or measuring range ultra: Display Sb
◆sampling rate: 0.8 seconds
◆power voltage: 85-264VAC
◆power consumption: 4W

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