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Specification of Lift Barang Surabaya

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Standard cap cargo lift specifications for 2 tons of 2-floor machines

- Type : SSDHL02-02
- capacity : 2000 kg
- Hoisting speed : 3.4 m/min
- Lifting : 6 m
- Power : 3 ph/380V/50

- Rail Wf 200
- WRangka Canal iron cage UNP 100, HOLOW 50, UNP 50
- The dimensions of the cage are 2000 mm x 2500 mm x 2000 mm
- ½ expanded cage walls and ½ Eser plate
- Minimalist swing cage door
- 1m high minimalist swing floor
- 3 mm bordes plate floor
- 1 set of wheels dia 70 mm 8 pcs
- 1 set of manual brake/safety device (alternate safety if broken).
- Chain hook / machine hanger / machine holder

Electrical control cargo lift
- 24 V control panel (MCB, Waiter, Power supply)
- Push button call 1st floor, 2 emergency stop for each floor
- Safety limit switch each floor up/down (Limit level floor)
- Floor door safety limit switch (door protection)
- Chacth safety sensor / anti-fall safety
Finishing and installation installation

1 year warranty (12 months) Terms and conditions
Note: Prices are not binding at any time subject to change without prior notification
The guarantee is stated in the procurement contract
For custom specifications, stock and shipping please contact our CS

Cargo Lift / Goods Lift is the most appropriate solution for moving material between floors (vertical).
In general, Cargo Lifts / Goods Lifts are very suitable for use in shops, warehouses or factories.
Besides being installed indoors, Cargo Lifts can also be installed outdoors. Its use is also very easy because it is equipped with automatic controls found on each floor. In terms of security it is also very guaranteed because there is a Safety Device / Safety Lock.

Goods elevator is made with a simple construction according to the needs for the transportation of goods, cap 500 kg; 1 ton; 2 tons; 3 tons; 5 tons to 10 tons while for the number of floors 2 floors up to 6 floors. In this freight elevator embedded technology that is always updated from year to year. The completeness of safety devices is a necessity that must be pinned because this is a security standard. For the model itself there are several kinds of shapes, while for sizes it is more towards the custom model due to adjusting the location and needs of the goods. This lift uses a simple hoisting machine that is commonly used in making overhead cranes. As for what can be applied, almost all hoist machines can be used.
The price for this lift is very cheap for a 500 kg stamp for 2 floors, around 75 million, depending on the size of the dimensions and the machine used. To find out more information contact our Marketing support

• Contact : Contact us
• Website : cranehoistliftbarang.com liftingcranehoist.com
• Address : Warehousing Legundi Bizpark Block D-11 Legundi Gresik, East Java (Google Maps).
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Jalabuana Mandiri

Jalabuana Mandiri berdiri atas prakarya dan ide besar terhadap sebuah service and solution terhadap semua kebutuhan barang dan jasa khususnya untuk crane construction and mecanical electrical hoisting.
Jalabuana Mandiri menyediakan berbagai produk dan service dalam bidang , sebagai beirkut : 
1. Over Head Crane.
2. Hoist Crane.
3. Cargo Lift.
4. Passenger Lift / Elevator
5. Konstruksi baja. 
Kami selalu siap sedia Menjadi Mitra dan partner untuk melayani setiap kebutuhan akan produk kami secara cepat tepat dan berkesinambungan, serta mengedapankan service oriented yang menjadi prioritas dan komitmen kepada setiap dan semua coustomer, pelayanan after seles akan memberikan jaminan garansi terhadap produk kami, mengedapankan profesionalitas dan selalu memberikan dan menghadirkan produk produk yang berkualitas.

Percayakan Fabrikasi Crane dan Alat Berat anda pada Jalabuana Mandiri,
karena kami akan memberikan pelayanan dan service yang terbaik. Kepuasan anda adalah yang utama.

Untuk mengetahui informasi lebih lanjut hubungi Marketing support kami


• Contact : Hubungi kami
• Website : cranehoistliftbarang.com liftingcranehoist.com
• Alamat : Pergudangan Legundi Bizpark Blok D-11 Legundi Gresik Jawa Timur (Google Maps).
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