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Specification of L-Arginine CJ

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L- arginine
L-arginine (Arg), a conditionally essential amino acid, is necessary for maintenance, growth, reproduction and immunity. Poultry are not able to synthesize Arg themselves, and therefore depend on dietary Arg to meet their needs for protein synthesis and other functions.
CJ L-arginine is produced by advanced fermentation and refining technology which provides the best value for our costumers.
Main Benefits :
-      Stimulate cell proliferation
-      Suppress Fatty Acid Synthase (FAS) and reduce abdominal fat
-      Enchance antioxidant enzyme and decrease oxidative stress
-      Induce Growth hormone
-      Promote Nitric Oxide (NO) synthesis and improve blood circulation

L-arginine for Poultry

-      Suppress hepatic Fatty Acid Synthase (FAS)
-      Enchance CPT1 and 3HADH which are enzymes related to transferring            fat into energy.
Abdominal fat decreased, carcass yield and breast meat yield increased
-      Increase antioxidant capacity and decrease oxidative stress which is              cause by heat / cold stress
-      No induces vasodilation and better blood circulation improves                        reproductive organs.
Stress and mortality decreased, egg production increased
L-arginine for Swine
Pregnant Pigs:
Arg is a common substrate for NO and Polyamine synthesis; Key regulators of embryogenesis, placental and fetal growth. Pregnancy outcome increased (improve the number of live –born piglets)
Young Pigs:
-      Induce growth hormone.
-      Creatine and polyamine synthesis, enchances cell proliferation. Growth            performance increased 

L-arginine for Aqua

-      Promote lipid metabolism which reduces adipose mass.
     Farmed salmon fat portion decreased.
-      Polyamine promotes embryo development.
   Reproduction performance increased.   
Chemical description
Molecular formula  = C6H14N4O2
Molecular weight   = 174.20 g/mol
Isomer                 = L (Laevo-rotatory)
Commercial guarantee
Purity, %                        98.5%
Moisture, %                  max 0.5%
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CV. Lewi Manunggal

Didirikan sejak tahun 1986, CV. Lewi Manunggal telah menjadi salah satu perusahaan distributor pakan ternak dan feed additives yang besar di Jawa Timur. Didirikan oleh Drh. Ishak Budi Widianto yang menjabat sebagai Direktur, CV. Lewi Manunggal sampai sekarang telah menjalin hubungan kerjasama yang erat dengan para peternak dan berbagai feedmill yang ada di Jawa Timur dan Jawa Tengah. Sejak era 90-an, CV. Lewi Manunggal telah berpengalaman ditunjuk untuk menjadi sole distributor di wilayah Jawa Timur dari berbagai macam produk terkenal di dunia oleh banyak perusahaan multinasional, seperti Cheil Jedang, Laboratorios Ovajero, Nippon Soda Co., dan sebagainya.
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