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Kettlebell (untuk fitnes dan yoga)

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Specification of Kettlebell (untuk fitnes dan yoga)

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Mengenai penjelasan nya, saya ambil kutipan beikut ini : What is a Kettlebell? A kettlebell is a Russian type of hand weight that is shaped like a big cannonball with a handle. Often made out of pure cast iron, they are available in a wide range of weights and sizes. The lightest one weighs in at only 10 pounds, and they can increase in weight all the way up to 100 pound weights. These unique tools are used in a wide range of strength training exercises, to increase muscle and build endurance. Now that you know what they are, you can begin to learn the history of the kettlebell. The History Kettlebells originated in Russia, and the first recorded mention of them was in 1704 within a Russian dictionary. The Russian word for Kettlebells is " girya, " and the men who lifted these weights were called " gireviks." Kettlebells gained recognition as a superb weight loss tool when they were featured in the fitness magazine Hercules in 1913. In the recent history of the Kettlebell, they have become increasingly popular within the United States thanks to a man named Pavel Tsatsouline. Tsatsouline is a fitness author who used to be a trainer for not only the United States armed forces but the Soviet Union forces as well. Once the United States noticed that they could not endure as long as their Russian counterparts within competitions, they began incorporating the kettlebell into their training routines. In 1985 a committee for the sport of Kettlebell lifting was created, and the first National Championship for Kettlebells was help in Russia in 1985 with its own set of rules and standards. Today, the Kettlebell is being introduced into the fitness routines of the everyday man, as their benefits have proven them to be one of the most useful tools for building strength. The Benefits As the long history of the Kettlebell proves, it has many benefits to offer those who use it on a regular basis. These benefits include: The building of endurance. Toning and Strengthening of almost every muscle of the body. Allows you to take harder hits. Increases flexibility. Helps you to shed fat. Gives you the freedom to get an intensive workout from home. The history of the Kettlebell is a long and proven record of its effectiveness. These unique exercise tools have been used by individuals around the world for hundreds of years to build muscle, lose fat, and strengthen their endurance. Now that the Kettlebell s have been incorporated into everyday exercise routines, you can use them from the comfort of your home as a unique alternative to bulky fitness equipment and expensive gym memberships.
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- 6kg = Rp 300.000,
- 8kg = Rp 400.000,
- 10kg = Rp 500.000,
- 12kg = Rp 600.000,
- 16kg = Rp 800.000,
- 20kg = Rp 1.000.000,
- 24kg = Rp 1.200.000,

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Jasa Pengecoran Besi Cor (fc 15-20) dan Aluminium (Sistem Tuang) Chiro

Kami melayani jasa Pengecoran Besi (Besi Tuang Kelabu, fc 15 - 20) untuk spare part mesin, barbel dan dumbell untuk alat fitnes, macam-macam komponen kompor dan semua yang berhubungan dengan besi cor. Hasilnya halus dan mudah untuk di proses. Kami juga melayani pengecoran aluminium dengan sistem tuang.
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Jasa Pengecoran Besi Cor (fc 15-20) dan Aluminium (Sistem Tuang) Chiro

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