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Specification of segel Plastik, Seal Security & Plastic Seal

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Jual Segel Plastik,
plastik seal
seal security
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ALAT LABORATORIUM TEKNIK CIVIL : , Alat Lab Teknik Civil, Alat Lab Sipil, Alat Lab Civil, Compaction Test Set SO-350, Consolidation Test Set SO-515, Direct Shear Test Set SO-525, Dutch Cone Penetrometer SO-200, Dutch Cone Penetrometer SO-210, Hand Bor SO-110A, Laboratory CBR Test Set SO-360 B, Laboratory CBR Test Set SO-360 A, Liquid Limit Device SO-311A, Liquid Limit Device SO-311B, Liquid Limit Test Set SO-310, Proving Ring Penemometer SO-270, Sample Extruder SO-145, Sample Extruder SO-140, Sand Cone Test Set SO-400, SONDIR HYDRAULIC 10 TON SO-700, Specific Gravity ( Heating Method) SO-340, Specific Gravity ( Vacuum Method) SO-340A, Specific Gravity ( Vacuum Method) SO-340 B, Speedy Moisture Tester SO-430, Standard Penetration Test SO-130A, TRIAXIAL TEST SET, Digital reading pore pressure SO-600, TVA Penemometer SO-280, Unconfined Compression Machine SO-500 A, Unconfined Compression Machine SO-500.

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- Plate Compactor Ride-On Trowels, Mechanical Engine Vibrator, Internal Vibrator, Concrete Power Trowel, Generator Engine, Electric Concrete Vibrator

Soil & Asphalt Compaction :
- Vibratory Rammer / Tamping Rammer, Single Direction And Reversible Vibratoy Plates, Ride-On Vibratory Roller, Double Drum Vibratory Rollers ( Baby Roller )

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Alamat: Jalan Hayam Wuruk No 127, Gedung LTC, Lantai 1 Blok C41 No.3
Hp: 081311518884, 082122229931
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Jalan Hayam Wuruk No.127, Gedung Lindeteves Trade Centre (LTC) Lantai 2 Blok C.8 No.6 - DKI Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia -11180
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