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Specification of Scissor Lift - Mr Umar Dalton

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Sell ​​Scissor Lift - Mr Umar Dalton
PT Denko Wahana Sakti is an importer of Scissor Lift with the Noblift brand which has proven to be very tough
There are several types of Scissor Lifts that we sell including:
- SC 12, Work Area Height: 12 Meters
- SC 14, Work Area Height: 14 Meters
- SC 16, Work Area Height: 16 Meters
Scissor Lift Man Lift Sell Scissor Price Scissor Lift Man lift
Don't make the wrong choice, only PT Denko Wahana Sakti provides:
- Affordable prices
- After Sales Guarantee
- 1 Year Warranty
- Free Shipping for JABODETABEKKAR area
- Spare Parts and Service Centers Available with Reliable and Professional Technicians
- Can Test and Trial units directly at our Workshop
Mr. Umar Dalton has always been committed to maintaining consumer trust by always presenting the best quality products at affordable prices, and fast service.

You can contact us for a consultation first.
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PT. Denko Wahana Sakti

PT. Denko Wahana Sakti is a Distributor / Authorised Agent DINGLI - DALTON, and we are also engaged in Manufacturing Denko Turbine Ventilator which enables you to provide a Product Material Handling Equipment, Wheels Castor & Turbine Ventilator. Selling among the products that we like:

1. Electrical Appliances - Household Scissors - Scissor lifts (JCPT)
2. Appliances Hydraulic- Aerial Work Platform - Appliances Auto - GTWY Single Mesh - GTWY Double Mesh
3. Hand Pallet Truck - Hand Jack - Hand Lifts - Lift Hand Pallet Stacker
3. Hand Truck Prestar - Push Trolley - Hand Trolley
4. Hand Manual Stacker - Stacker Manual - Hand Lifts - Lifter Hand - Hand Stacker Jack - Lift Hand Pallet Stacker
5. Hand Full Electric Stacker - Stacker Full Electric - Hand Lifts Full Electrical - Hand Jack Electrical - Electrical Lifter Hand
6. Hand Stacker Semi Electric - Semi Electric Stacker - Hand Lifts Semi Electric - Electric Hand Jack Semi - Semi Electric Lifter Hand
7. Pallet Mesh - Iron Folding Basket - Pallet Bronjong - Dalton Mesh Pallet - Iron Pallet - Pallet Mesh Galvanized - Galvanized Iron Basket
8. Drum Gripper
9. Drum Handler
10. Turbine Ventilator - Roof Ventilator - Air Circulation Equipment - Denko Turbine Ventilator
11. Roda Trolley - Castrol Wheel - Castor Wheels - Trolley Wheels - Wheels scafolding - Caster Wheel - Wheels Trolley service - Supermarket Trolley Wheel

For the purposes of your industry & warehousing, which provides Authorized Warranty, Service Center and you can also visit and see first hand unit / goods to our office at the address Duta Merlin Complex Block C No.1-3 Jalan Gajah Mada, Central Jakarta No-3-5 or directly come to Showroom / Warehouse 1 (One) We address Wisma Cormic complex, Jln Solar Pranoto 12 Jakarta Pusat & Showroom / Warehouse 2 (Two) in the address Warehousing complex Multi Use Paku Alam Block B 11, Serpong (Rear Plaza Serpong) Tangerang.

With Various Brands Best That We Got Among them: Dingli -Dalton, Nansin (Japan), OPK - OIC, Noblelift,, Star Rollen, STG, Nippon, Shenpai, Sumo, Helver Rollen, Prestar (Japan), Eos Lift

Best Regards

PT.Denko Wahana Sakti
Umar Al Faruk
Hp: 081212684186/08569009465
Office: 021-63865199 Ext: 360
Fax: 021-63865209
WhatsApp: 081212684186
E-mail: umarfaruq66 @
BB Pin: 5D915112
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