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Gear pump (gear pump) is a type of positive displacement pump where the fluid will flow through the gaps in the gear wheels with the walls of the house. It is referred to as a pump because the flowing fluid is generally in the form of liquid or slurry. Meanwhile, a positive displacement pump means that the pump sucks up some of the trapped fluid which is then pressed and moved towards the output (outlet). Gear pumps are often used for hydraulic fluid power applications. However, it is often used in the chemical field to flow fluids of a certain viscosity. There are two types of gear pumps, namely external gear pump and internal gear pump. This pump is classified as a fixed displacement because the amount of fluid flowed each rotation is always the same.

The gear pump works by flowing fluid through the gaps between the teeth and the walls. Then the fluid is removed through the outlet channel because of the nature of the gear pair which always has a contact point. An ideal gear pair will always have one point of contact with its partner even though the gears are rotating. This is what the gear pump mechanism takes advantage of to circulate fluid. In other words, ideally the fluid will not enter through the contact point of the gear pair.
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