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Specification of alat ukur kayu,agen Extech HD350 Pitot Tube Manometer

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The pitot tube feature on the Extech HD350 Pitot Tube Anemometer makes it the ideal instrument to measure Air Velocity and Air Flow in difficult-to-reach or tight locations where a vane anemometer won' t fit.

Measures Air Velocity / Airflow in tight locations

Simultaneous display of Pressure, Air Velocity or Air Flow plus Temperature
5 selectable pressure units
MIN/ MAX/ AVG recording and relative time stamp
Data Hold, Auto power off and Zero functions
Large backlit LCD display
Record up to 99 readings
USB port includes software
Includes PC software with cable, 9V battery, pitot tube with two connection hoses, 100V-240V universal AC adaptor, and hard case


Air Velocity ( Max Res.)
ft/ min: 200 to 15733 ( 1)
m/ sec: 1 to 80.00 ( 0.01)
km/ h: 3.5 to 288.0 ( 0.1)
MPH: 2.25 to 178.66 ( 0.01)
knots: 2.0 to 154.6 ( 0.1)
Air Flow ( CFM= ft( 3) / min) : 0 to 99, 999CFM ( 0.001)
Air Flow ( CMM= m( 3) / min: 0 to 99, 999CMM ( 0.001)
psi: 0.7252psi
mbar: 50.00mbar
inH20: 20.07 in H20
Pa: 5000Pa
Basic Accuracy: plus or minus 3% rdg; plus or minus 3% FS; plus or minus 2% F
Warranty: 3 years
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