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Specification of timbangan Moisture Analyzer BOECO, Model BMO 35, Germany

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Info Produk The comfortable way to determine moisture content of water, alcohol, fat,

oil, etc., in

 The BMO 35 moisture analyzer is fast, reliable, fully automatic and easy

to use. After lowering the hood, two powerful infrared dark radiators

begin drying the sample.

Featuring high milligram accuracy, it provides absolute reproducibility.

The results can be printed in compliance with GLP protocols. The BMO

35 displays the results in % moisture, % dry weight, as a ratio - or as the

weight itself.

New and easy symbols guides the user through the whole menu and


Endpoint determination will be done fully automatic. No need to program

shut-off parameters. The drying process will be monitored constantly and

the BMO 35 stops the drying process automatically when the weight of

the sample is reached.
food construction materials wood or paper chemicals or pharmaceuticals enviromental analysis 3 years warranty


Max. weighing capacity : 35 g

Accuracy : 1 mg

Reproducibility, average:

Initial sample wt. from 1g and up : 0, 2 %

Initial sample wt. from 5g and up : 0, 05 %

Readability : 0, 01 %

Analysis mode : Fully automatic

Timer setting : 0, 1-99 min.

Temperature setting in 1-degree increments : 40-160 C

Operate guidance : By Icons

Interface port for data transfer to a printer : RS-232C

Housing ( W x D x H) : 224x366x191 mm

Weight : 5, 8 kg

Model Accuracy Capacity

BMO 35 0, 001 g 35 g


Code Describtion

SMO 01-1 Round, aluminium sample pans ( box of 80)

SMO 01-2 Glass fiber filters ( box of 80)

SMO 01-3 Calibration weight, 30 g


( for BBL models optional interface SDA 02 or SDA 03 required)

Code Describtion

SPR 02 Printer with GLP/ GMB function, date, time and

statistical evaluation

SPR 01-1 Spare set of paper rolls ( 5 per box)

SPR 01-2 Spare ink ribbon cassette
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