Hydrostatic Release Unit HRU Hammar H20 For EPIRB (Sparepart Kapal Laut)

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Specification of Hydrostatic Release Unit HRU Hammar H20 For EPIRB (Sparepart Kapal Laut)

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Detail Hydrostatic Release Unit HRU Hammar H20 For EPIRB (Sparepart Kapal Laut)
HRU Hammar for EPIRB; HRU H20 for EPIRB

n an emergency situation the automatically activation of the EPIRB will dramatically facilitate the rescue operation and the possibility to save lives. The Hammar H20 is the most reliable hydrostatic release unit on the market and is used by most leading EPIRB manufactures.
The Hammar H20 is widely used for Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB). 50% of the world’s EPIRB manufacturers are using the Hammar H20 for the free float function. Should the vessel sink, the Hammar H20, which is activated by increasing water pressure, automatically release the EPIRB. On reaching the surface the EPIRB starts to emit a signal of identification and position to a satellite. Instead of the rope sling a specially developed plastic bolt secures the radio beacon and will be cut when the unit is activated.
Use only manufacturer approved replacement bolt (rod). The bolt should always be changed together with the release unit every two years. The Hammar H20 is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon, which means that it will not rust. The Hammar H20 needs no annual service, maintenance or spare parts. You simply install a new one every two years and dispose of the old one. Keeping the environment in mind, the old unit is 97% recyclable.
Simple handling procedures mean that storage costs are kept down to a minimum. With the H20, installation is both easy and quick, greatly reducing your customers’ downtime ashore.
The Hammar H20 is the biggest selling hydrostatic release unit in the world. It is safe, reliable and its simple design has earned more worldwide approvals than any other unit.
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