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Hydrogen Sulfide H2S in Water Process Analyzer-Monitor

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Specification of Hydrogen Sulfide H2S in Water Process Analyzer-Monitor

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Description: The ability to analytically quantify H2S in Water is enhanced with the Sample Transfer Stripper™ STS ( Exclusive Membrane Technology) and the ratiometric colorimetric or solid state sensor technologies offered by Analytical Systems International ( ASI) . Economic payout is increased because of this automated continuous process or laboratory analyzer. The principle of operation requires a continuous free flowing water sample into a heater where the Sample Transfer Stripper™ STS ( Exclusive Membrane Technology) unit separates the water from the H2S gas sample. An H2S free air or nitrogen carrier then sweeps the H2S gas sample to the H2S analyzer for quantitative analysis in PPBw, PPMw, and up to saturation levels. A liquid validation by Perm Tube™ is optional. ASI offers two detection technology choices for H2S measurement in water: First is the ASTM approved tape method detection technology based on chemically specific density changes. The lead acetate sensing tape utilized in our analyzers is the only detection method that is absolutely specific to H2S. Optical illumination & detection are integrated for maximum resolution accuracy. The electrochemical sensor is also available for H2S in Water measurement. No tape or humidifier solution is required for operation of the analyzer and virtually no moving parts are utilized with this sensor. The electrochemical sensor is ideal for water samples without mercaptans, which can cause interferences with solid state or electrochemical sensors. Patents and Patents Pending based on letters that are available on request. Typical Applications: Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Industrial discharger, optimize chlorine injection for municipalities/ cities To control odor and prevent costly repairs due to corrosion caused by H2S in wastewater, the Model 205 continuously monitors the H2S ( sulfide) content in the liquid phase. This can include real-time monitoring of an industrial discharger. The model 205 will save costs in the optimization of chlorine injection for sulfide control by reliably monitoring the H2S ( sulfides) in the collection system in real-time. Solubility of H2S in water is 3, 369 ppm w. H2S in Cooling Tower Water The analyzer can measure H2S in cooling tower water which can result from heat exchanger leaks of H2S into the water. Well water, pond water, holding water, ditch water Anywhere H2S endangers water the model 205 accurately measures the concentration continuously on-line. The model 205 is used to measure H2S spills that can dissolve in wastewater, ponds or ditches. Solubility of H2S in water is 3, 369 ppm w. Refining Processing/ Industrial Water Refining process use the model 205 analyzer to measure H2S in crude oil to regulate injection of chemicals such as caustic to remove H2S. Water wash removed these reaction products. The Model 205 is used to measure any H2S in the water. Measure H2S in Seawater in Fractionating Towers Another application for measuring H2S in water is in separating heavy hydrogen isotopes from sea water. Atomic energy of Canada built 8 fractionating towers that separated the content by flowing H2S counter current to the sea water. This process used 14 analyzers measuring H2S in the water.
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CV Trimitra Usaha Prima

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CV Trimitra Usaha Prima

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