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SPD-20A/ 20AV Series Prominence HPLC UV-Vis Detectors Part of the SPD-20 Series, which also includes the SPD-M20A Photo Diode Array Detector, the SPD-20A/ 20AV UV-Vis detectors offer an exceptional level of sensitivity and stability. Taking sensitivity to the limit, the SPD-20A/ 20AV has a noise level of 0.5× 10-5 AU max., making it the world' s most sensitive UV-Vis detector ( ASTM Standards) . One mode of the SPD-20AV allows both the deuterium and tungsten lamps to be lit simultaneously, enabling high-sensitivity wavelength-programming detection for ultraviolet light and the entire visible-light range. Features Greater Baseline Stability Supplied as standard, a temperature-controlled flow cell eliminates inconsistencies caused by changes in absorbance due to shifts in room temperature. This helps increase the baseline stability and the analysis reliability. Superior Linearity - 2.5AU Using newly developed signal processing technology, the stray-light correction function has been enhanced, and the linearity has been improved. This expanded linearity combines with various noise-reduction technologies to provide users with a wide dynamic range and allow for the analysis of your target compound and minor impurities in a single run. Internal Validation Protocol The incorporation of a low-pressure mercury lamp for wavelength calibration ensures simple calibration in the ultraviolet region. Dual-Wavelength Measurement Monitor two components in the UV or VIS range simultaneously Simultaneous D2 and W lamp Illumination Available with the SPD-20AV, users can eliminate warm-up time and baseline disturbances during wavelength programming between the UV and Visible range. With both lamps lit, high-sensitivity analysis throughout the full wavelength spectrum is ensured. Specifications SPD-20A SPD-20AV Light source Deuterium ( D2) lamp Deuterium ( D2) lamp, tungsten ( W) lamp Number of diode elements None Wavelength range 190 to 700 nm 190 to 900 nm Bandwidth, slit width 8 nm Wavelength accuracy 1 nm max. Wavelength precision 0.1 nm max Noise 0.5 X 10-5 AU ( under specified conditions) Drift 1 X 10-4 AU/ h ( under specified conditions) Linearity 2.5 AU ( ASTM standard) Functions Dual-wavelength detection in the range 190 to 370 nm and upwards of 371, ratio-chromatogram output, wavelength scanning Cell Optical wavelength: 10 mm, capacity: 12µ L, withstand pressure: 12 MPa Cell temperature-control range 5oC above room temperature to 50oC Web control Parameter setting, log management, monitor detector output, management of consumable parts, etc. Parameter setting, log management, management of consumable parts, etc. Buffer memory Refer to CBM-20A/ Alite Operating temperature range 4oC to 35oC Dimensions, weight 260 ( W) x 140 ( H) x 420 ( D) mm, 13 kg Power requirements 100 VAC, 160 VA, 50/ 60 Hz For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. CBM-20A/ CBM-20Alite HPLC System Controller The CBM-20A/ CBM-20Alite is the world' s first Web-based HPLC system controller. Equipped with a data buffering function, the CBM-20A/ CBM-20Alite acts as an interface for connecting LC workstations, network-client computers, and analytical instruments via Ethernet. An easy-to-use Web interface enables users to set-up, control and monitor their HPLC remotely. This centralized management ensures efficiency, offers added security with multi-level user access options, provides a flexible analytical environment, and helps to conserve valuable bench space. CBM-20A Up to eight modules can be connected. Adding up to two A/ D conversion boards makes it possible to accept an analog signal from non-Shimadzu detectors. CBM-20Alite The space-saving card-type CBM-20Alite is installed inside an LC-20A series pump or autosampler, and can control up to five modules, including the one in which it is installed. Click the pictures to see enlarged CBM-20Alite screenshots Features Flexible Installation Environment Connected via LAN cables to the laboratory' s Ethernet, computers controlling the analytical instruments can be accessed remotely. The CBM' s data buffering function ( available only with LCsolution software) protects important analytical data from unexpected communications errors. Integrated Web-Control Functions In addition to an Ethernet connection, the CBM-20A/ CBM-20Alite is equipped with Web-control functions. These allow system control, monitoring, and maintenance information to be accessed from Internet Explorer without installing special software. Now, from a remote location, like your home or office, you can: • Schedule maintenance for consumable parts • Perform baseline check or system equilibration • Monitor current analysis • Save time by reducing visits to the laboratory to check on hardware Auto-Purge with a Modular HPLC System Equipped with auto-purge, user intervention is not required to open or close the drain valve. All pumps and autosamplers are purged on command or automatically. When combined with the system startup and baseline-check functions, fully automated analysis is achieved with a modular HPLC system. Monitor Device Status at a Glance With this function, the operating status of networked devices can be checked at a glance. You can monitor: • System activity • Status of individual units • Existence of errors • Device maintenance information A memo function allows users to post messages regarding the status of components or to allow users sharing the system to leave messages for each other. Click the pictures to see enlarged CBM-20A screenshots Specifications CBM-20A CBM-20Alite Connectable Units Solvent delivery units: 4 max; Autosamplers: 1; Column ovens: 1; Detectors: 2 max; Fraction collectors: 1; Sub-controllers: 2 max. Solvent delivery units: 4 max; Autosamplers: 1; Column ovens: 1; Detectors: 2 max. Number of connectable units 8 ( expansion possible up to 12) 5 ( including the unit incorporating the system controller) Data Buffering Approx. 24 hours for one analysis ( at 500ms sampling rate; available only with LCsolution) Event I/ O 4 inputs, 4 outputs 2 inputs, 2 outputs Analog Boards Up to 2 boards can be mounted Mounting not supported Operating temperature range 4° C to 35° C Dimensions, weight 260 ( W) x 140 ( H) x 420 ( D) mm, 5.5 kg 120 ( W) x 20 ( H) x 100 ( D) mm, 0.5 kg Power requirements 100 VAC, 100VA, 50/ 60HZ Supplied from unit LC-20AT Dual Reciprocating Plunger Design The LC-20AT possesses a high level of stability while maintaining high performance during routine use. The ability to remove pulsations has been improved by modifying the pump-head structure and the flow line. Features Enhanced Solvent Delivery Specifications Flow-rate accuracy and precision in the micro-flow rate region have been improved with the addition of a new type of check valve and modifications to the solvent delivery control method. Non-polar organic solvents such as hexane can be delivered stably. Improved Durability New and improved plunger seal materials ensure robust, long-lasting performance. A sapphire plunger optimized according to its crystal structure and a precise plunger-holding mechanism help increase the service life of plunger seals and enable stable solvent delivery over long periods. Space-saving Designs An optional low pressure gradient valve ( LC-20AD/ 20AT) , CBM-20Alite system controller, and a seal wash pump ( LC-20AD) can now be installed inside the solvent delivery unit, enabling 4-solvent gradient elution in a compact space. The LC-20AB high-pressure binary gradient pump delivers the performance of two LC-20AD pumps in one compact unit. Specifications LC-20AD LC-20AT LC-20AB Solvent delivery method Parallel-type double plunger Series-type double plunger Parallel-type double plunger ( 2 sets) Plunger capacity 10µ L Primary side: 47µ L, Secondary side: 23µ L 10µ L Maximum discharge pressure 40MPa Flow-rate setting range 0.0001 to 10.0000 mL/ min. 0.001 to 10.000 mL/ min. 0.0001 to 10.0000 mL/ min. Flow-rate accuracy No more than 1% or 0.5µ L/ min., whichever is greater ( 0.01 to 2 mL/ min.) No more than 2% or 2µ L/ min., whichever is greater ( 0.01 to 5 mL/ min.) No more than 1% or 0.5µ L/ min., whichever is greater ( 0.01 to 2 mL/ min.) Flow-rate precision No more than 0.06% RSD or 0.02 min SD, whichever is greater Pulsation 0.1 MPa ( for water at 1.0 mL/ min. and 7MPa) 0.3 MPa ( for water at 1.0 mL/ min. and 7MPa) 0.1 MPa ( for water at 1.0 mL/ min. and 7MPa) Constant-pressure solvent delivery Supported Plunger rinsing mechanism Manual rinsing or automatic rinsing using optional product Safety measures Liquid-leakage sensor, high-pressure/ low-pressure limits Operating temperature range 4oC to 35oC Dimensions, weight 260 ( W) x 140 ( H) x 420 ( D) mm, 10 kg 260 ( W) x 140 ( H) x 420 ( D) mm, 11 kg 260 ( W) x 140 ( H) x 420 ( D) mm, 13 kg Power requirements 100 VAC, 150 VA, 50/ 60 Hz 100 VAC, 180 VA, 50/ 60 Hz GRADIENT SYSTEM LC-20AD/ 20AT, low-pressure GE specifications LC-20AD/ 20AT, high-pressure GE specifications LC-20AB Gradient type Low-pressure mixing High-pressure mixing Number of mixed solvents 4 max. 2 or 3 2 Mixing concentration accuracy 0.5% max. ( LC-20AD) , 1.0% max. ( LC-20AT) 0.5% max. Rheodyne® Model 7125 Injector The Rheodyne Model 7125 syringe loading injector allows injection of the entire contents of the syringe into the sample loop – no need to flush the valve between injections except for trace analyses. It also injects samples from a partially filled loop saving time by eliminating the need to change the sample loop. The Model 7125 injector can be used at pressures up to 7000 psi ( 490 kg/ cm2) and is supplied with a VESPEL® rotor seal for operation at pH 0-10 ( use a Tefzel® seal at pH 0-14) . A 20 ¼ L sample loop is included; order additional loops separately. When selecting replacement seals, use VESPEL seals to pH 10; Tefzel seals to pH 14. - See more at: http: / / www.sigmaaldrich.com/ analytical-chromatography/ analytical-products.ht ml? TablePage= 15883408# sthash.Gpa6L7PW.dpuf LCsolution Software LabSolutions Series Workstation Shimadzu' s LCsolution software offers an intuitive easy-to-use operating environment and sets a new standard for laboratory productivity in the 21st century by offering innovative solutions to meet the challenges of high sample throughput, instrument control, diverse data handling, and integration with regulatory compliance. Shimadzu Lab Solutions workstation unifies data acquisition and management across all types of chromatographic instruments. The operating environment for chromatography applications is standardized with the common user interface, which provides for improved productivity of your analysis. Functionality and Operation LCsolution' s assistant bar provides easy navigation between major modes of operation. Data explorer provides easy access to data, method and sequence files. By simply double-clicking a data file name, chromatogram and quantitation results can be viewed. Window layout can be saved with its name, which enables users to optimize their operation environment. Wizard functions enable easy parameter settings including peak integration, peak identification, and calibration curve information. Features Automation for high productivity Automation of analysis reduces the time spent on a variety of operations - from bringing the instrument to the optimal conditions before the run to the device shutdown. Custom Reports For report generation, 26 types of report items are available, including sample information and chromatogram. You can modify existing templates or create your own for infinite possibilities. Customization Assistance OLE automation capability supports users´ customization programs. After the program is applied, the user can access data from custom software. Reinforcement of 3-Dimensional Data Management 3-dimensional data analysis, which requires high functionality and operability, can use quantitative layouts, qualitative layouts, and custom layouts ( which can be saved with name and layouts) . Displaying necessary information, these layout screens can be switched easily. By the correlation of chromatogram and spectrum, peak-top spectra can be sequentially checked and a chromatogram at a designed wavelength can be displayed by double-clicking on the spectrum. In the spectrum index, spectra of detected peaks, including unidentified peak, can be viewed. 2 sets of SPD-M10AVP/ SPD-M20A can be controlled. Regulatory Compliance System administration System administration includes the setting of system policy, user management, log browser and audit trails, which support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. System policy Allows access to the system by system operation control, password validity, and its minimum length, which supports Part 11 compliance in both network and standalone environments. User management Consists of the relations among groups and users. The permission pertains to a group and users gain permission by belonging to a group. User security and authorization management help optimize workflow for your laboratory. Log browser Event logs regarding the log and system administration as well as the analytical instrument are displayed. When the user administration is shared with the Shimadzu User Authentication Tool, logs of the user authentication server are also displayed. An easy-to-use filter function quickly selects and displays only those records that match the set criteria. Audit trail The complete history of an instrument´ s operation and data processing parameters can be saved and output for traceability purposes. In addition, the data audit trail, data acquisition method, and the most recent analysis´ parameters are saved in the data file for future access. With LCsolution, it is also possible to apply audit trail functionality to system policy and as a global requirement for all methods created in the system. Integrated Data Management LCsolution has a function for automatic data transfer to CLASS-Agent database. With CLASS-Agent manager, data browsing, inspection, and approval of data for chromatography and spectrophotometry instruments and balances can be obtained without learning new operations for the workstation or analytical instrument' s software.
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CV Pratama Sains Global merupakan perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang distributor alat-alat Laboratorium farmasi, Kami menyediakan Laboratori glassware dari berbagai merk seperti Pyrex, Schott Duran, merk lokal, Laboratory plasticware serta bahan kimia JT Baker, Merck, Tedia, RRC. Kami juga menyediakan instrument – instrument untuk analisa obat, air, makanan, dll seperti Analitycal Balance, Spectrophotometer, pH meter, Turbidimeter, HPLC , Ruang Asam, Climatic Chamber, Incubator, Autoclave, AAS, Laminar Air Flow, Centrifuge, mikrosentrifuge, mikropipette, Cincin Du nouy, Alat Disolusi, alat disintegrasi, Furnace, sprydryer, Viscometer Brougkfile, Coating Pan, Hotplate, Incubator, Refrigerator, Orbital Shaker, Water bath, stirer high speed, Corong Uji sudut Granule, Moister analyzer, Mikroskop yazumi , Single punch tablet press machine, Tap Density , Granule Sieve Shaker With Machine mikroskop mulitimedia, Suppo melting point, Air Sampler, Decloaking Chamber dll dari berbagai merk. Kami juga menerima maintenance( service dan kalibrasi alat laboratorium) . Untuk lebih lengkapnya Bapak / Ibu kami mohon perkenannya untuk mengunjungi kami diblogger pratamasainsglobal.blogspot.com untuk informasi alamat perusahaan dibawah ini:

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