High Flow Air Intake Filter Auto Air Filter

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Specification of High Flow Air Intake Filter Auto Air Filter

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Air Filters are devices designed to remove solid particulate matter and molecular contaminants for the purpose of improving air quality in a system or environment.

Can be used in any application that requires the use of clean air. Devices and locations that use air filters include air conditioners, industrial and commercial buildings, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, and food processing equipment.

Product Features :
1. Our filters can be used and are equivalent to all filter brands
2. The advantage of the material used, namely Spundbond paper media, is that it can filter dust particles carried by the air flow, so that the air that passes through this filter can be free from dirt / dust.
3. High dust capture power, so it is very compatible for industries with high dust concentrations
4. The filter is very easy to install in the application
5. Professional elastic neoprene obturator sealing

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