Guard Tour JWM WM5000V8 bukan Versi 5 1 Paket included 20 checkpoint

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Specification of Guard Tour JWM WM5000V8 bukan Versi 5 1 Paket included 20 checkpoint

Browse through the extensive list of Guard Tour. Find the best offer from thousand of supplier in Indonetwork.
Smart in buying, why some are more expensive and some are cheaper, this really depends on the contents contained in the package. Because the package inside is based on the buyer's order. We provide the most complete, such as Event Wallet, Holster Stick Reader which is a protective tool used, the checkpoint we provide is 20 pcs instead of 3 or 10 pcs.
The software is very frindly user and very easy.
JWM products have been recognized worldwide and have been on the Guard Tour for 13 years.
There are JWM brands which are version 5 and version 8, and what we offer is Version 8
The sale is no cheating cheatingan, because we sell in one package, not only with the Stick Reader. If it's just a stick reader, it can't be used.
Ask for stock first before ordering
Pros of Guadr Tour Patrol JWM WM-5000 V8
- Waterproof
- Anti-slip (IP 67 military standard)
- Can read up to 60,000 data
- Battery lasts up to 30 days with normal use
- Battery lasts up to 7 days (if used every second)

Elegant design equipped with a readable LCD touch screen.
Equipped with a spotlight on the front and makes it easier for security to see in the dark.

In one package consists of:
Reader WM-5000 V8 ... 1 pcs
Downloader WM-5000 V8.... 1 Pcs
Checkpoint button shape ..... 20 Pcs
Charger .....1 Pcs
Event Wallet ...... 1 Pcs
Data Cable ...... 1 Pcs
Glove stick..... 1 Pcs
Manual Book...... 1 Pcs
Software...... 1 Pcs
Smart in buying, and compare the accesories that you get in the package with other suppliers who sell the same product. Because there are many supporting accessories such as Event wallets, stick gloves are not given so that the cost is cheaper, and also the checkpoints given are only 3 pieces with free frills.

This checkpoint is very important, for example you have many locations that must be visited by security, so each point requires one checkpoint.
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