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General Cleaning bersihkan kaca di SIMPRUG RESIDENCE 29/07/2023

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29 / 07 / 2023
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Specification of General Cleaning bersihkan kaca di SIMPRUG RESIDENCE 29/07/2023

Browse through the extensive list of Cleaning Service. Find the best offer from thousand of supplier in Indonetwork.
Cleaning service
Pool cleaning services
Multipurpose room
1.1.Cleaning the pool of water impurities and garbage.
1.2.Cleaning the pool using materials that are safe and do not damage the pool floor.
1.3.Using environmentally friendly cleaning materials.
1.4.We can carry out work even on holidays.
1.5.We can accept complaints and will always improve the quality of our services.
1.6.Our workmanship is detailed so that every stain on the pool can be cleaned.
1.7 our prices are competitive and can be compared with others we are more affordable.
1.8. We use standard SOPs in accordance with the agreements and directions given by service users.

Rest assured in our services because we will always provide the best and many companies have entrusted their services to us.

For detailed information please contact us at:
Smart Market Daan Mogot Blok B No. 5
Jl. Daan mogot KM. 19 Big Stone Garden Ceper Tangerang
2 Reasons why we invite cooperation in the procurement of services.
We are a legal entity (PT / Limited Liability Company) so transactions with us are guaranteed to be safe.
We have a clear office address and can be visited at any time. Our prices are transparent and the cheapest with no hidden costs.

Vital Records :
In order to maintain a low selling price, the services we offer are transparent and detailed.
We provide experienced and trained workers. We provide back up workers if those on duty cannot attend.
We provide life and health insurance guarantees. Thus, long-term partners will be established.

by cici 29/07/2023
PT. JAYA UTAMA SANTIKAH Center for Cleaning Tools, Cleaning Equipment and Cleaning Service Tools, building maintenance services, garden design services, gardening services, plant ordering services
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PT. Indonesia Bersih Rapi

Indonesiabersihrapi.com | PT. Indonesia Bersih Rapi merupakan perusahaan perseroan terbatas yang bergerak di bidang jasa perawatan taman, jasa kebersihan (cleaning service) dan jasa office boy hingga jasa office girl. Indonesia Bersih Rapi didirikan pada tahun 2019 yang sebelumnya bernama CV Jaya Santikah yang didirikan pada tahun 1997 di Jawa Timur.

Berikut macam-macam area perawatan taman, layanan kebersihan (cleaning service) serta jasa office boy dan office girl yang menjadi unggulan yang siap kami sediakan:
1. Area Perkantoran
2. Area Perumahan
3. Area Mall
4. Area Hotel
5. Area Rumah Sakit
6. Area Sekolahan
7. Area Bandara
8. Area Stasiun
9. Area Perbankan
10. Area Restoran
11. Dan Area Lainnya

Kepuasan Customer adalah prioritas kami, dan kami akan siap membantu Anda (Call Me 24 Hours). Anda juga bisa mengunjungi kantor kami. Penawaran terbatas harga promo, silahkan hubungi kontak Indonesia Bersih Rapi melalui WhatsApp / Phone Call / Email.

PT. INDONESIA BERSIH RAPI — Perusahaan Cleaning Service di Jakarta
• Office: Jl. Daan Mogot KM 19 Smart Market Daan Mogot Ruko Blok B No. 5 Jakarta Barat, Banten, Indonesia, 15122 (Google Maps)
• Website: indonesiabersihrapi.com, jasacleaningservices.com, dailymartazzahra.com, jayautamasantikah.com.
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