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Specification of GEFRAN - Servo Drive - AXV300

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Servodrives Servo drives - System Lines Modular servo drives, from 2.7 kW to 120 kW AXV300 * 3 x 400 VAC, 50/ 60 Hz * Motor ratings from 2.7 kW ( 3.6 Hp) to 120 kW ( 160 Hp) * IP20 protection rating * Markings: CE General characteristics: all ASV300 modules need a 24 VDC supply voltage to power the regulation card/ internal logic and fans. AXV300 range of Axis Modules: motor control loop ( brushless or asynchronous) ; current loop closing: 16 KHz ( 62.5 ¼ sec) ; speed loop closing: 4 KHz ( 250 ¼ sec) ; I2t overload: slow ( 150% In x 60 sec) and fast ( 200% In x 0.5 sec) ; management of local encoder for closing current/ speed loops; alarm management; management of GStar communication from/ to the AXV300-CU control module; AXV300-SM power supply module: DC-link output voltage: 565 VDC output power 11-22-44 Kw thermal overload and pre-alarm output for external PLC integrated braking unit indicator LEDs external pre-charge contactor output I2t overload AXV300-SR + AXV300-AFE-SR Regenerative supply module: AXV300-AFE-SR: regenerative supply control module indicator LEDs signal display external pre-charge contactor output AXV300-SR: range of power modules for regenerative supply modules DC-link output voltage: 625 VDC used with the AXV300 AFE-SR control module it forms the system’ s regenerative supply module I2t overload: slow ( 150% In x 60 sec) and fast ( 200% In x 0.5 sec) ; AXV300-CU: Control Unit module: System initialisation System alarm management Software updates 2-way GSTAR optical fibre system for communication with axes ( max 4x2 axes) Set-point calculation/ transmission Reading of significant values MDPlc development environment Execution of application ( e.g. Positioner, Electric Shaft ..) Fieldbus communication ( CANopen port) Modbus RTU RS232 connection Programmed via PC using the GF_ eXpress configurator Serial port for connection to auxiliary programming keypad ( currently being developed) SD-card for storing configurations and downloading system data Standard I/ O • 2 analog inputs -10 V… + 10 V • 1 analog output -10 V… + 10 V @ 5 mA • 4 opto-isolated digital inputs HTL 0… 30 V • 2 opto-isolated digital outputs 30 V @ 40 mA • 1 opto-isolated digital output 30 V @ 500 mA Encoder management ( with additional module) • Digital encoder • Sinusoidal encoder • 5-track SinCos encoder • 2-pole resolver • Encoder with EN-DAT 2.1/ EN-DAT 2.2 protocol • Absolute encoder with SSI/ BiSS protocol Control unit communication via high-speed fieldbus ( with additional GD-Net, Ethercat, etc. module)
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Kami adalah perusahaan yg bergerak di bidang pengadaan barang dan solusi kebutuhan industri. Beberapa Brand Eropa dan Asia yang kami wakili di Indonesia adalah: 1. GEFRAN 2. Nuova Fima 3. Datexel 4. Bongshin Hampir semua produk-produk kebutuhan industri bisa kami suplai seperti: 1. SENSOR dan TRANSDUCERS: Linear transducers, Magnetostrictive, Level Transducer, Load cells, Humidity and Temperature Transducers, Thermocouple/ PT1100, Flow Transducers, Pressure Transducers. 2. INSTRUMENTS: Controllers, Alarm Indicators, SSR, Recorder, Paperless Recorder, DAQ Systems, Web and SMS monitoring, Signal Conditioner, Signal Indicator, 3. TEMPERATURE DAN PRESSURE GAUGES: Temperature and Pressure, Differential Pressure Gauges, Bar Temperature Gauges, Digital Temperature/ Pressure Display, Pressure/ Vacuum Switch. 4. POWER: Power Controller, DC and Power Supply. 5. WEIGHING AND CONTROL: Load cell, Weighinh System and Indicator, Weighing Controller. 6. PUMP AND VACUUM: Pump: Vacuum Pump, vacuum transducer Silahkan hubungi kami jika ada yg anda butuhkan. Kami akan memberikan solusi dan sparepart yg akurat, bernilat dan handal. Untuk respon cepat, hubungi: Edwin 0816-1488141 VIRERA
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