Gas Turbine Filter Inlet Air System

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Specification of Gas Turbine Filter Inlet Air System

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The gas-solid separation element, is a core component of dry air filters and is used to remove particulate impurities from natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen, natural gas and petrochemical plants, dry gas and etc.

PF series filter element uses multi-fold technique, compared with ordinary cylindrical cartridge, the filter area is four or more times.

Filter Specifications:
- Maximum operating temperature : 115 ℃
- Sealing torque : 6.9~ 13.8 N-M
- Filter element precision: 1,5,10 (SCW = 0,3)
- Filter element replacement pressure drop: 0.08 – 0.1MPa (not to exceed 0.17 MPa)

Product Features :
- The filtration effect of suspended particles in gas reaches 99%
- It is recommended to replace the differential pressure: when the temperature reaches 135 degrees Celsius, the replacement pressure difference is 4.1 bar
- High filtration area, up to 54 square feet
- has a long life
- Filtration accuracy can reach 0.5-40 micron

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