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Filter Stainer 5 Micron Brand CBS Filter

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Specification of Filter Stainer 5 Micron Brand CBS Filter

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Strainer is a device used as a filter to separate solid particles that flow through the pipe. Solid particles carried by the flow are usually sand, scale, metal flakes or other solid objects that will be trapped into the strainer filter.

Product Features:
- Resistant to corrosion or rust
- Good performance
- Perfect finish
- High durability
- Robust filter shape construction
- Efficient performance
- Minimum maintenance

We can produce Type Strainer with types:
- Simplex (Basket type), Duplex, Y Strainer type, T type, Cone, Suction Strainer and also Basket type.

Whatever your filter needs, please contact us to get the best solution.
Office: Kawasan Industri Jababeka tahap 2 Blok ee/ 2G jl. Industri Selatan IV, Kel, Pasirsari Kec. Cikarang Selatan, Bekasi Jawa barat 17530
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PT. Cahaya Bhakti Sentosaraya (Cahaya Filter)

Jual Filter Industri - Kami PT Cahaya Bhakti Sentosaraya diantaranya Jual Filter Udara, Jual Filter Ahu, Jual Filter Element, Jual Filter Oil Separator, Custom Filter Terlengkap
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