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Specification of F-HR-600 HEAT RESISTANCE PAINT

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Description : Made of Silicone Resin modified with Acrylic
Uses: Protective Metal in terms of porousness caused by
high heat.
Used in boiler outside, outside pipe, exhaust,
chimneys and engines.
HR Paint Type: Consists of 2 types of Heat Resistance paint, namely:
HR 1000ºC Silver Metallic / Black
HR 800ºC Silver Metallic / Black
HR 600ºC Silver Metallic / Black
HR 400ºC Silver Metallic / Black
Base Paint : No primer needed (Silver Metallic / Black form
Spread : 5 m² / liter with a thickness of 25 (micron )
Weather Resistance : Good

Application Specifications:

Surface Preparation: The surface to be painted must be free from grease,
rust and dirt. Preparation in a way
sandblasting is the best.

Thinner : Thinner HR
Comparison of Diluent : Paint : Diluent = 1: 0.5
Method of application: Brush and Spray
Drying time : Touch Dry = 30 minutes
Perfect Dry = 6 hours
Perfect Hard = 1 day and after getting
heat propagation for 1 hour. Or 7 days without ram-
hot rod.

Packaging :

Paint: 5 liter gallon
Thinner : 5 liter gallon
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