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Specification of F-437 PENETRATING OIL

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Penetrating oil loosens rust and corrosion formed by alkali, fruit acids, water, and electrolysis. Low surface tension allows the oil to migrate into tight spaces and along threaded fasteners. Reduces the tugging and pounding sometimes required to loosen screws and bolts. Loosens tar, dirt, and carbon on stubborn, rusted bolts.


Appearance : Non foaming liquid

Color : Light amber

Odor : Mild - hydrocarbon

Specific gravity (@ 20°C) : 0,84

Viscosity in centipoise @ 70°F (21°C) : NA

Flammability: Label marking : Flammable

Flash point (Tag Closed Cup) : < 0°F(- 18° C)

Pour point : NA

Operating temperature range : 40-110°F (5-43°C)

Penetrating ability : Excellent

Corrosion protection : Excellent


Only a few drops of Penetrating Oil is needed, it contains no acid and is effective against salt-water corrosion. Penetrating Oil has a fast penetrating action and displaces moisture. Penetrating Oil makes disassembly of parts possible with savings in time and materials.


Quick release for nuts, bolts, pipes, fittings, pumps, pulleys, battery cables, roller conveyers, hinges and valves. Use on metals, alloys, rubber, and most painted surfaces.


Test a small area first to assure surface compatibility. Use at room temperature for best results.

Aerosol: Shake well before use. Hold can 6" to 10" from surface, spraying liberally and uniformly. Use extension tube for hard-to-reach areas and pinpoint accuracy.

Bulk: Dip, brush, or spray on.

LIMITATIONS: Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheets for specific information on material hazards, etc.


Pail / Jerrycan 25 liters

Drum 200 liters
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