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Specification of F-100-P SCALE REMOVER POWDER

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F-100-P Scale Remover Powder is used to remove rust and scale on the sides of:
• Pipe System.
• General cooling system.
• Steam boilers, Diesel engines.
• Condenser.
• Heat exchanger ( Heat Exchanger ).
• Evaporators, etc.

Safe for use on all types of metals including aluminum, zinc and nonmetals.


Dissolve 2 – 9% FASTCHEM 100P Scale Remover Powder in hot water at 70º C (especially if the scale contains a lot of calcium) and circulate it into the water side of the system to be cleaned for approximately 8 hours.
FASTCHEM 100P Scale Remover Powder is very effective for removing scale, including those containing silicates and accelerating the process of dissolving rust.
The solution is removed by rinsing the system with clean water so that the rinse water is the same as the rinse water. The system is then neutralized with an alkaline solution.
For small items that are not possible with the circulation method, immerse them in a solution of FASTCHEM 100P Scale Remover Powder in a soaking bath at a temperature of 70º C.
It is recommended to circulate the FASTCHEM 100P Scale Remover Powder solution at a temperature of 70º C in a soaking tub, to speed up the cleaning process.

Note: After the chemical cleaning process, the cleaned surface is free from scale and rust, becomes active against corrosion insects. For this it is necessary to passivation the surface.
Passivation can be done, for example, by using FASTCHEM SPC N-NEUTRALIZER, while for steam boilers, special passivation is carried out with other chemical compounds.


• Contains: Sulfamic Acid (Amino Sulfate Acid) with inhibitors and accelerators.
• Non-volatile, odorless and non-flammable.

Pail : 20 kg
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PT KAHA BERKAH MANDIRI didirikan pada akhir tahun 2019 dan mulai resmi beroperasi sejak awal tahun 2020.
PT KAHA BERKAH MANDIRI didirikan sebagai perusahan distributor produk chemicals dengan merk dagang “FASTCHEM”. Dengan spesifikasi produk Cleaning and Maintenance Chemicals for Industrial. Produk kami meliputi antara lain Degreaser, Cleaner & Remover, Anti Rust, Specialty Chemical, Boiler & Cooling Water Treatment Chemical, Maintenance Chemical, Aerosol Products , etc. Dan juga senagai perusahaan general trading berbagai kebutuhan industri.

Selain sebagai perusahan trading, PT KAHA BERKAH MANDIRI juga bergerak dalam bidang jasa cleaning dan overhaul antara lain :
1.    Chemical Cleaning (descaling),  service & overhaul untuk Boiler, Cooling Tower, Chiller, Heat Exchanger, dsb.
2.    Chemical Cleaning (descaling),  service & overhaul untuk LPG Vaporizer.
Company Profile ini kami maksudkan untuk sekedar memberikan gambaran dan referensi secara garis besar mengenai produk dan jasa yang kami berikan. Apabila Anda mempunyai kesulitan dalam pemakaian / penggunaan chemical , atau yang berhubungan dengan chemical, maka jangan sungkan-sungkan hubungi kami.
Demikian kami berharap perusahaan Anda dapat berkenan untuk menjalin kerjasama dengan kami.

Jl. Ekaliptus III Blok LF No.57 Bumi Indah 5
Pasar Kemis Tangerang
Telp. 021-59715605, 0813-1142-6585
Email : kahaberkah@yahoo.com

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