Eugenia Dental 6Ml Cengkeh Clove Obat Pereda Sakit Gigi Kumur Anti Bakteri Sariawan Pemutih Gigi

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Specification of Eugenia Dental 6Ml Cengkeh Clove Obat Pereda Sakit Gigi Kumur Anti Bakteri Sariawan Pemutih Gigi

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Eugenia Dental 6ml Cengkeh Clove Obat Pereda Sakit Gigi Kumur Anti Bakteri Sariawan

"from the very best clove"
Pereda Sakit Gigi

eugenia / yu'jinia / bunga cengkeh
dental / ‘dental / berkaitan dengan gigi
Sakit gigi berkepanjangan dapat menimbulkan sakit kepala, telinga maupun tenggorokan.
Eugenia Dental adalah minyak cengkeh berkualitas pereda sakit gigi untuk pria, wanita & anak diatas 2 tahun, dapat digunakan setiap saat untuk pertolongan pertama dan praktis dibawa kemana saja. Bisa untuk Cairan Pembersih Mulut
Quality clove oil with analgesic system for dental (minyak cengkeh berkualitas sebagai pereda sakit gigi)
men + women and children over 2 years (pria + wanita dan anak diatas 2 tahun)
for first aid & instant toothache relief (setiap saat untuk pertolongan pertama pereda sakit gigi)
Convenient for any place (praktis dibawa kemana saja)
Cara Pakai / Direction :
Teteskan pada kapas atau cotton bud / soak a small piece of cotton
Oleskan secukupnya & gigit kapas bila perlu / apply to the tooth & bite the cotton when needed
Komposisi (per 100 ml) :
Eugenol 99%
Peringatan / Caution :
Tidak digunakan untuk anak dibawah 2 tahun / For adult % children above 2 years of age
Jika sakit berlanjut, hubungi dokter / If the pain persists, call a doctor
Tersedia dalam 2 (dua) varian / Available in 2 (two) variants :
3 ml
6 ml
*Free Cotton Bud
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We are producing and exporting high quality of Eugenol C10H1202 (from Clove Bud Oil). 
Our Eugenol USP is more than 99% pure, food grade. We run a distillery plant in Indonesia, 
specialized in clove oils.
Our first experiment of processing cloves and producing oils started in 1970. 
We manufacture only from the best selected raw products to produce the highest quality products. 
Main processing facilities are employed for steam distillation of essential oils and production of Eugenol.
Our 99% pure Eugenol has already been scientifically proven 
at the Univeristy of Arkansas and the Ohio State University's Chemical lab 
using GC-MS test in Columbus, Ohio – USA. GC-MS test is also done in Singapore, 
which shows the product contains Iso-Eugenol.
In addition to 99% Pure Eugenol, we also produce Eugenia Liniment Oil (3ml, 6ml, 10ml Roll On), 
Eugenia Dental (3ml, 6ml), Eugenia Clove (10ml Drop Filler), Eugenia Clove Bud (50gr, 200gr),
and Eugenia Hand Sanitizer.
Our commitment is to bring the best quality products and services to our customers around the world.
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