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Parallel Klem (Import) / PG Clamp (import) / Parallel Group Clamp

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Specification of Parallel Klem (Import) / PG Clamp (import) / Parallel Group Clamp

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Description :
PT. Sinar Utama Grounding is a distributor of Earthing Clamps and accessories. PT. Sinar Utama Grounding Sells Earthing Clamp with various types and various kinds of clamps for cable sizes. Double Earth Clamp functions as a grounding cable clamp (Down Conductors) in building structures, steel structures, constructions and so on.

Product Name : Parallel Earth Clamp
Type: 2 cable (Double)
Cable size : 25Sqmm, 35Sqmm, 50Sqmm, 70Sqmm, 95Sqmm, 120Sqmm, 150SQmm, 185Sqmm & 240Sqmm
Brand : ACE Super Impex
Country of Origin : India

For ordering information and stock availability, please contact us:

Office :
Jl. Utan Kayu Raya No. 49C, Utan Kayu, Matraman
Jakarta Timur 13120
Telp. 021-21381900
Mob. 0813 1010 5021

Workshop :
Jl. Salemba Raya, Pasar Kenari Lama
Jakarta Pusat – Indonesia
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